A couple of weeks ago I received an email from an address with domain 'allgreenpr.com'. I missed it back then, but stumbled upon it just a few hours ago. Here's how it looks:


I'm writing to you having come across [insert my Website here] whilst doing some research on gaming.

It got me thinking, and I was wondering if you might like me to write a well-informed and researched guide to speeding up your PC on no budget for you?

As a gamer myself, I have tweaked my PC a lot over the years for gaming purposes. I thought if you liked it, you might feature it? Or at least provide a little feedback?

There would be no cost involved. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll write an article and send it over.


And then goes the author's name, the company's name (All Green PR) and what looks like the company's address. I omitted my Website's name on purpose, because it's against the rules of WA to post it here, but it was originally in the email.

So the email looks legitimate and my site is indeed about video games. What bothers me, is that the company's business, as their website states, is "Making your brand noticed".

So, my question is: is it some way to sell me their services? Have any of you any experience communicating with them? If so, what can you say about them - good or bad? I'm just not sure if I should reply to this message or just ignore it.

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

Also, sorry if I put it in the wrong Classroom - not really sure where to do it.

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MSteelMojica Premium
We are all just clicks away from being perfect... tee hee
Dmitriy Premium
Sorry, not sure what do you mean by this, Michelle :)
MSteelMojica Premium
I mean i'm still learning so much with each click...I'm just clicks away from really getting things going!! I'm trying my very best to be patient. I can see the value being here at WA and it's difficult for me not get ahead of the training. But I've already done that and had to click back just to catch up... again ha ha
Dmitriy Premium
OK, get it :)))

Yes, there's so much to learn here - it's always very tempting to look further and further, but it's better to do it slow and steady, and it will reward you with great results!
Robert-A Premium
I'm thinking they are touting for business.
They do mention clients and to do that you have to think charges for a service.
Unless you're genuinely interested I would ignore it.
Dmitriy Premium
OK, thanks for your insight, Robert!