What are the rules of editing an old posts?

Last Update: November 26, 2016

Does anybody knows the rules about editing a post that already has been posted for a while?

There are a couple of posts I would like to improve but I don't know what kind of impact this can have on the ranking of that post. I know I am not supposed to change the title, but is it okay to add content to a post that has already been posted?

Thank you!

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Garymarcell Premium
just don't change the url and it will be fine
MPollock Premium
I do it and no problems,
JudeP Premium
Yes, it's fine to do that :)
jvranjes Premium
I am just going through my all existing posts and make changes, due to new theme and other improvements. Though I am concerned about it, in principle it is best not to touch things that rank well.
onmyownterms Premium
Absolutely, I edit old posts all the time.