My First $4,000 Month

Last Update: October 01, 2020

I just wanted to share another milestone with the WA community.

I remember back in December of 2016 when we were ecouraged to set our money goals and this is what I wrote:

#1 After investing a good amount of time and hard work in my webpage I would be happy earning 250 to 450 a month. After a longer amount of time I would like to see those numbers increase.

#2 750 a month

#3 I work full time and go to school so I will be devoting 20-30 hours a week.

My advice to other member is to aim high but set realistic expecttions with your money goals.

Remember that WA allows you to create your own business while putting very little money down. For example, think about having to open up your own store, paying a monthly rent, investing in merchandise, having to hire employees...

We have a great opportunity here and the system works. Good luck to you all.

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Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Juan, great to hear about your first $4K month. As you said, set your goals high and be ambitious with these goals. As you are likely understanding is that even at $4k, you have just brushed the surface of the potential of what you can achieve online!

Keep us updated moving forward!
Zarina Premium
"even at $4k, you have just brushed the surface of the potential", that's how I feel now! Though I had more $3K+ months, now I feel I can set the goal to $10K and strive to achieve it (and the goal seems more realistic).
etseil20 Premium
Kudos to you!

That’s super-duper awesome. You’ve come a long way since then, with the time and effort you put in your business.

I agree with you regarding the little costs to start an online business. Nothing compared to running a brick and mortar store- you’re right on that.

Thanks for sharing. It’s well-deserved.


cornelius1 Premium
Well put, elvalen! Some people will look for ALL the disadvantages when speaking of working for one's self. When life is surely in the palms of your hands, looking and working with the system here can only create a winning formula. You, my friend have mastered what WA is all about.

Isaiah14 Premium
Excellent! - Keep it up! This is very motivating 👍
cookins25 Premium
Congrats on this amazing achievement keep up the great work ! 😀