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Does anybody knows the rules about editing a post that already has been posted for a while?There are a couple of posts I would like to improve but I don't know what kind of impact this can have on the ranking of that post. I know I am not supposed to change the title, but is it okay to add content to a post that has already been posted?Thank you!
I promote amazon products by using native shopping ads. However, if someone has an ad blocker installed it defeats the whole purpose of my content since they can't see the ads.Does anybody know if there is any training on this? Or if you have a suggestion on how to overcome this please let me know. Thank you.
I don't like to post too much in here but I wanted to share this for the people who are wondering whether the system works or not. You can see how I started making a couple of cents for the month of December and now I am making around 100 dollars a month. I stopped writing content for two months in a row since I got a new job which I am really happy about. Those months that I stopped writing content, that's where the money started coming in. There are a lot of things I need to improve about my