1900 USD in the month of April

Last Update: June 01, 2018

April has been my biggest month so far but I have mixed feelings about. I remember when we had to write our financial goals when we first started (for me this was 2 years ago), I said I will be happy making USD 500 a month (when starting out I just wanted to know if it was possible to make money online) and I will be ecstatic making USD 2,000 (that was my current salary at my previous job so I figured if I could replace it then I wouldn’t have to work there anymore).

I came close to my goal but not quite made it which is the bitter sweet part.

The system taught here works, all I did was follow the training and I always have had a full-time job while doing this, so I haven’t even be able to devote as much time as I would want to.

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skmorrow Premium
Awesome, congratulations.
Stella2 Premium
Awesome! Congratulations on that. It does indeed show that WA training works, but also that you work consistently.
I wish you many more sales! :-)
AlejandraB Premium
Congrats, thanks for sharing!
StPaul Premium
Happy for you... Congrats and keep rocking!
Many congratulations on your success. Your post is very inspiring and encouraging. Reading your post gives a new hope especially to the newbies like me. I wish you share some more experience and knowledge with us.