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April 01, 2021
Just wanted to share another milestone and hopefully provide inspiration and motivation to those who are just starting out.There is really no secret to making money online. Follow the training, keep writing articles targeting high quality keywords, become a problem solver to your audience and you will achieve success. Stay consistent! You might not be there yet but you are closer than you were yesterday.
October 01, 2020
I just wanted to share another milestone with the WA community. I remember back in December of 2016 when we were ecouraged to set our money goals and this is what I wrote:#1 After investing a good amount of time and hard work in my webpage I would be happy earning 250 to 450 a month. After a longer amount of time I would like to see those numbers increase.#2 750 a month#3 I work full time and go to school so I will be devoting 20-30 hours a week.My advice to other member is to aim high but set
August 2019 has become my best month so far. In addition to being an Amazon Associate, I have partnered with specific brands to promote the products on my website. I remember when Kyle said that once you become an authority among your niche you will be getting more opportunities to monetize your website, and this is exactly what has happened. I have always held a full time job while working on my website, so please don't ever feel like you don't have the time to work on your website. Make time
October 05, 2018
I finally was able to make my goal of reaching my first $2,000 dollar month. This was the goal I wanted to accomplish when I first started my website. Time to set new goals!
April has been my biggest month so far but I have mixed feelings about. I remember when we had to write our financial goals when we first started (for me this was 2 years ago), I said I will be happy making USD 500 a month (when starting out I just wanted to know if it was possible to make money online) and I will be ecstatic making USD 2,000 (that was my current salary at my previous job so I figured if I could replace it then I wouldn’t have to work there anymore).I came close to my goa
September 15, 2017
I made 1700 dollars for the month of August as an Amazon Affiliate. I just wanted to let people know that the system does work as long as you stick with it and continue creating and writing articles.When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I said my main goal was to make 2000 dollars a month. I am getting close to that figure and it might be time to set some new goals.Even though I don't promote Wealthy Affiliate, I wanted to let people know that it is possible to make money online with this progr
Hello All!I just wanted to keep updating my progress here and tell you how the month of March has been my biggest month so far. I started a new job job which takes away 60 hours per week, but I still try to find time to keep posting. I really wish I had some more time to write content, since I want to escalate that number. I haven't even had time to focus on social media yet! I try to keep creating content as much as I can!
November 30, 2016
I posted my October's earnings from Amazon and now I wanted to show my progress for November. I work as a consultant during the week, retail in the weekends, and I still find time to keep posting. Thank you to everyone who has helped me by answering my questions.
Does anybody knows the rules about editing a post that already has been posted for a while?There are a couple of posts I would like to improve but I don't know what kind of impact this can have on the ranking of that post. I know I am not supposed to change the title, but is it okay to add content to a post that has already been posted?Thank you!
I promote amazon products by using native shopping ads. However, if someone has an ad blocker installed it defeats the whole purpose of my content since they can't see the ads.Does anybody know if there is any training on this? Or if you have a suggestion on how to overcome this please let me know. Thank you.