My name is Ellissa. I subscribed to Premium at the Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you @Kyle

Last Update: Nov 25, 2022

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I asked the community what I do when I first go Premium, and Kyle responded, "Celebrate? Cartwheel?" lol.
I have waited since July for Black Friday, and I am in. Woot woot.
My website is about haute-couture, which includes things like Beauty, Culture, Weddings, Runway, Fashion, CatWalk, and Celebrities. Special section for World's top fashion designers.
And another extension, Marketing, is on the same dot com root domain that I purchased in July.
I would like to use the same domain for everything? Feel free to enlighten me, please.
I finished level one training in July.
How do I rank my keyword or post on Google Page 1? Please.
Thanks, everyone, and I am pleased to be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I am Ellissa, by the way, and I love everything trendy.

Thank you. <3<3<3<3<3
I love the Wealthy Affiliate @Kyle @Carson

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Hola Ellissa, saw you in chat earlier today, thanks for the follow BTW. I was in my Zamboni Condo on the top floor of Union Square tending to my ice rink. Darn thing gets a life of its own and I can not truly plan my day out. The only thing for certain is every hour and a half I am on the ice doing the Zamboni thing. And today was my day to also cook and clean, so I have fast food waiting for me, potato and bacon bits soup and chicken noodle soup. Mmmmm.

I did the yearly thing last year for the first time and well worth it, what I was spending on fuel cost in my Titan for a month, I have this for a year and time to dig in and learn. Now, I had to get me a subaru for after our new President I was spending double that plus in a month on fuel cost, war in Russia does not help there either. So, 3 months of fuel cost purchaced me a smaller older cheaper vehicle to drive, and I am here for another year. Winner winner.

I hope you move along much faster than I have, I keep stoping and going and that does not do my business any favors for sure. However I know success is available here so I eat beans and rice for a few and I make things happen.

Supper glad you are here for another year, go win Ellissa!

Super David Scott, the Zam Man.

Happy Thanksgiving PLUS!!

Right yeah <3

Congrats, Ellissa.
Best wishes

Thanks right yeah <3

Great move Ellissa.

Great thanks yeah <3

Great decision! Congrats to you :-)

Thanks right <3

Hello…and congratulations on a great decision. You will find so much here that will help you build a sustainable online business.

Once again congratulations!


Right thanks <3

Hey Ellissa,

Firstly, congrats on going premium. You won't regret it.

The support here in the community is nothing short of amazing.

Your niche should drive a lot of traffic if you hit the right keywords. I believe that is the most important step in the process. I'm sure there are thousands of keywords up for grabs in your niche.

The WA training is a solid base to your marketing efforts and your website is in the very early days.

Because of this, to see page one rankings in Google (and the others) it will help you to follow a highly focused technique which I learned from another member here.

You may have seen his posts here on the platform. His name is Partha and ever since I found his method, my traffic has responded.

I'm 18 months into my WA journey and things are happening. Traffic building every day now. Multiple page 1 Google rankings ... Bing loves me :-)

It's very exciting!

I highly recommend you spend time reading all of Partha's content. He has a unique style :-)

If you only have time to read two of his posts ... Enjoy.

Best of luck Ellissa and don't give up!

Thanks yeah <3 I appreciate your time writing me a generous response <3 I will follow up as you have adviced thanks <3

Hi Congratulations. Ranking in Google on page 1 takes time you might want to follow the lessons and stick to building your keywords. Follow ParthaB’s methods about how to do keyword research and using Google Autosuggest. If you follow his teaching and the lessons, to build an authority niche you will rank but it's a process that Google has to decide whether to rank your articles or not.

Thanks <3 So google decides on the value of content ranking my posts in the search engines? Right yeah <3 And how does someone get to Page1 please <3 I think I chat with Barth but not sure thanks <3

First, you have to follow the lessons. I can't teach you how to do it. You have to follow it and do your articles yourself. You're asking questions that only Google people can answer. Google chooses to rank your articles if you met their expertise, authority, and trustworthy. It's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its too advanced to understand. Second, you have to keep writing high-quality content as explained in the lessons. All of us do this. Third, you should be following the lessons and attending the trainings. Without that, you will not understand a thing.

Hi Ellissa,

Yes, Google decides where your page will rank. They base their decision on hundreds of different factors. But don't worry too much about that for now.

First step is to work through the training. How are you getting on with that?

I am working on level 2 thanks <3

Great :-) Once you have completed level 2, pause for a little while and review what you have learned. Then it would be an excellent time to take a look at Partha B's keyword research methods ...

Miss Ellissa 😊🙏 Congratulations 🎉🎉 My niece does Haute-Couture LOLL

Right thanks <3 great to know haha


Thanks! ,<3

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