Thankful Tuesday!

Last Update: August 03, 2021

As of today, I am so happy and grateful for the following accomplishments:

  • 60 out of 78 indexed posts.
  • 99th percentile in the amount of content creation.
  • 100 percent of achievement goals met.
  • 72 percent of template goals accomplished.
  • A relatively trusted, mature site.
  • Ability to bounce back from failure.
  • Staying power of my blog.
  • Expanding my horizons.
  • Giving my writing a more authentic, original, daring, bold feel.
  • Obtaining reach on social media.
  • Experimenting with ways to get more exposure, rank, and authority.
  • Learning how to give meditation and mindfulness a societal lens.
  • Understanding content creation comes before revenue.
  • Taking a leap of faith towards a bright, successful, promising future.
  • Accepting help from an informed, supportive, open-minded community.
  • Not giving up when the going gets tough.
  • Encouraging other people to capture and spread their passions.
  • Seeing "wealthy" as more than monetary advancement.
  • Seeking long-term joy over short-term pleasure.
  • Capacity to express myself and my work creatively.
  • Opening the doors for bigger and better opportunities.
  • Seasoning my professional experience/expanding my work portfolio.
  • Challenging limiting, unhelpful, toxic beliefs.
  • Adopting positive, healthy, abundant beliefs instead.
  • Learning the art of acceptance and rejection.
  • Mastering emotional regulation, health, and intelligence.
  • Being mindful of who I am, my desires, my ambitions, etc.
  • Incorporating feel-good habits in my daily surroundings.
  • Being what is in my best interest.
  • Cultivating the benefits of meditation to be successful.
  • Receiving confirmations of being destined for great things.
  • Allowing all experiences to mold me into a new and improved person.
  • Growing from pain, adversity, and challenge.
  • Seizing opportunities and making the best out of every encounter.
  • Above all, viewing failure as an inverted, inevitable, incredible success.

However, I do have a few concerns:

  • My Amazon Account shut down.
  • When are my posts going to rank on the first page?
  • When should I remove the Amazon links and if so why?
  • When should I wait to join new affiliate programs?
  • Prioritizing/time management in college.
  • If a post ranks on the first page of Yahoo, how does this affect Google and Bing searches?
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification/Affiliate Bootcamp (i.e. extra money from referrals).
  • Does the affiliate link only work if you are actively doing Affiliate Bootcamp
  • How to get money from site comments to transfer to bank accounts?
  • The same post - the same keyword - was indexed twice.
  • Why was the first post "don't stop believing in... " not show up in the published version?
  • Does this hurt the site ever since I deleted the second post shortly after?
  • Can an affiliate veteran assess my progress on my VERY first site?
  • Any thoughts, comments, reactions (ahem responses), or general impressions?

Thank you guys so much for the read!!!

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I took a quick look at your site. First of all, it's difficult to navigate. There is no main menu, and the majority of your posts are not categorized.

So, when a visitor lands on one of your posts, they can't see what else there is to read, other than your 5 most recent posts, and the 5 posts in your meditation category.

They won't click on your home page and then scroll through dozens of posts in the hope of finding something they are interested in. They will simply leave.

Clear navigation is a ranking factor for Google. You need to categorise all your posts, and then add these categories to a top menu. And then add your posts to their relevant category.

You have a pop-up for collecting email addresses, but what are you offering in return? It simply says "Discover Your High-Vibe Tribe!" What does that mean? Are you going to be sending newsletters, courses, free books etc? You need to offer an incentive in return.

Your Privacy Policy does not have a valid email address. You need to set up a domain-specific email address that looks more professional.

Your home page is quite dull. It has a huge header image that is nothing to do with meditation, it's actually a photo of a beach here in the UK!

You could also add a featured image for each post, so the homepage would look more attractive.

On the right-hand sidebar, it says "Let's Stay Connected" but it's not clickable, and there is no subscription form under it.

So, just a few things for you to think about.
Elijah88 Premium
How do you suppose I add those images to give my homepage a little more spice? How many different categories do I need?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - they are called featured images. Open up a post for editing, look to the right-hand side of the screen and scroll towards the bottom. You should see the option to add a featured image. You will need to do each post individually.

The number of categories is up to you. How many different categories do your posts fall into? Aim for around 5, you need to strike a balance between being easy to navigate, but still having a clean menu, not too cluttered.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very well done, Elijah! You are an inspiration to all!

If Amazon has shut you down, you can reapply and will likely be accepted, but you will receive new links, so you should start removing the old ones now as they will no longer be valid!

That is the unfortunate part about Amazon!

Keep going you are making stellar progress, my friend!

CountessCtry Premium
I like the ability to bounce back from failure.
Not giving up is another.
Great advice and blog post.
Thank you.