Progress Report Update

Last Update: October 10, 2021

Hello guys - yes, I missed you all!

First and foremost, I am here to address my gratitude. I am so happy and grateful now that my blog continues to be indexed even though I only can blog once a week now. Nonetheless, it is a pleasure to share my talents with a community and still have room to grow. I am working on myself so I only focus on what is positive.

When I experience challenges, I am training myself to deal with them constructively. When I don't produce as much value as I would have hoped for, I go back to the drawing board. Matter of factly, I am so happy and grateful now that my skin has thickened. I used to hold on to every word a person said. Also, I would fake positivity in hopes I keep my vibration high and pristine.

However, I learned that lying to myself and others is not worth the hassle. If I am to create a sustainable, timeless legacy, I've got to build it from a foundation of trust and openness.

Maybe I haven't made as much money as I'd like. Maybe it seems as though the whole world is ignoring me and my contributions.

Nonetheless, I am a very ambitious and determined individual. I am the definition of success.

No matter what obstacles come my way, I am going to emerge from the fires bigger and better and badder. No one fails 1000 times, but they can create 1000 steps to build to the fruits of inevitable success. I am ready to step into my element and make my mark on the world.

I am ready to produce the utmost value in all that I do to enhance the world. Above all, I am ready to compound my best.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
An excellent positive attitude, indeed, Elijah!

Keep pushing forward!

Newme202 Premium
Lovely self reflection, Elijah
Pleased for you taking action
I know you have jumped over a lot of hurdles to be where you are
Well done you and congratulations
Looking now to hear more about your progress
DivineGood Premium
Beautiful and congratulations
and you are receiving more
than you can imagine.

Keep on keeping on.


Proprov Premium
I am very happy to hear about your progress.
I love that you mentioned trust because trust is huge in this business.
Keep up the great work!

Elijah88 Premium
Thank you!!