Progress is a Fine Line

Last Update: July 08, 2021

I looked at my Monster Insights and saw much to my surprise that everything was in red. Naturally, I felt like I was doing a horrible job as a content creator. It is quite depressing to give something your all and see such miniscule returns.

Yet, I am so happy and grateful now that I am building my confidence, faith, hope, optimism, talent, and resilience as a result of such challenges. Moreover, I have been seeing 8s, specifically 888, wherever I go. I know that is symbolic for wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Because of this, I am so happy and grateful now that I am entering the flow of eternal abundance. I am healthy and wealthy beyond my years. Of course, this pertains to my life no matter how it might look on the outside.

Sometimes when you tap into your gift it seems like everything has went over a cliff. Other times everything is a blessing even when it seems like the pressure of not being perfect is a major miss.

That said, I am a perfectionist. And, at this point, I have decided to not pretend any longer. I love my fire, passion, and grit, but I must be authentic. Some days suck ***. Other days are quite the blastoff! In the end, it just really depends.

And, I used to think I could only legitimately blog when I had something important to share. But now, I say to **** with being prim and proper.

After all, being political correct is not pure perfection by any means necessary.

Above all, I am a work in progress. I am ready to achieve, be my best, and allow myself to learn from my mistakes, triumphs, and then some.

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helenwentri2 Premium
Keep pushing forward.
CountessCtry Premium
Inspiring blog post.
You're doing great.
Elijah88 Premium
Thank you for always being supportive 🤗