New Moon in Cancer

Last Update: July 10, 2021

At last, the time has come to let go of the old and embrace the new. If anything has been holding you back, tonight is when you can relate your inhibitions and experience a state of expansion.

To clarify, Cancer is a water sign in which prizes family, emotional relationships, and tradition. Indeed, it has a very nostalgic, sweet vibe. Ironically, this marks the fifth anniversary of my maternal's side family reunion.

It feels great to rekindle the familial flame, forget what all has happen (or so I thought), enjoy everyone's company, and restore all that has been lost. Nonetheless, being on vacation has reminded me how hopeless I have felt with my personal relationships, especially with my parents.

For those of you who don't know, I suffer from depression and call hotlines frequently in search of counseling and therapy sessions. Overall, this has been very beneficial to my mental health. Despite this, I don't feel like I can rely on my family as a pillar for strength. As you can see, this has been quite challenging for me because it's excruciatingly counterintuitive not to ask family for help.

Matter of factly, it's been very counterproductive to seek familial help knowing that some might never change. It has made me feel hopeless and helpless that I cannot control this inherently unprecedented circumstance. Yet, everytime I am provoked, mentally broken, emotionally drained, and pushed beyond my limits, I somehow managed to grow even though I can be my own ultimate foe.

I digress, but as a 1H Capricorn Moon, I can be quite hard on myself and thus painstakingly perfectionistic. Nonetheless, I have decided to give myself a break to work on loving myself and thereby being set. Quite simply, I am a survivor who always finds a way to keep going. I am going to continue to do great things. I am living proof that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

And, with just a little space, distance, time, and reflection, I am going to successfully heal, forgive, let go, and step into my own light and highest form of alignment. Without a doubt, I am going to let the bad times slide and this allow the good times to roll. Meanwhile, I am going to celebrate my indexed posts, deeper understanding of meditation, and being the final authority over what the New Moon in Cancer means to me in light of all these things.

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Jocelyn30 Premium
May you grow continually your peace soon!
Thanks for sharing and congratulation for indexed post, keep up the good work Elijah!

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Wow and u just thought it was just the moon changing!!
CountessCtry Premium
Are you in Astrology? Can you teach astrology?
Great blog post.
Thank you for the share.
Elijah88 Premium
I could teach astrology. Of course, I can always expand my knowledge. No, thank you for pointing that up to me as a potential future niche!!