Fine, Fierce, Fabulous Friday

Last Update: July 23, 2021

Above all, I am so happy and grateful now that my blog posts are being indexed. However, I still need to check to see if they are starting to rank on the first page, if at all.

Also, I am loving how my site trust is at a pretty darn robust percentage of seventy. It makes me feel great that I am allowing success, weight, and authority to pan out naturally. After all, I remember the day in which I thought it was impossible to be a content creator, let alone a website builder.

Yet, I always upheld the premise of stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking advantage of opportunities that I am going to prosper from.

That said, I feel disappointed that my Amazon Associates Account was recently removed. However, I did learn that it is a wise idea to wait before joining associate programs. As such, when my website - and posts! - ranks on the first page, it would be equally wise to do so.

Perhaps my greatest regret is my greatest accomplishment: patience.

On the one hand, I am restless and thus desire to not let a single opportunity slip through my fingers. On the other hand, I have the willpower, grit, sustenance, and resilience to make something out of nothing. Nonetheless, I think it would be extremely beneficial to celebrate all my wins and losses in the knowledge that I am making progress.

At last, I am ready to accept the outcome and make the best out of such an exhilarating, educational, and enlightening experience. It is truly an invaluable, amazing, stellar journey to become a Wealthy Affiliate in my own right.

Meanwhile, I am contemplating the meaning of the new movie Old.

Why not live every day like it's the last - YOLO?!!

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GeoffreyC1 Premium
It's all coming together there
Elijah88 Premium
Thank you very much!!
Go-Givers Premium Plus
Well thanks for this post.
I'm following your lead and I think I made a similar mistake with amazon associates - I joined them in the first 2 weeks of my website.
Let me hope they will not remove my account!

Elijah88 Premium
Nonetheless, you are going to do great!!