Year One - Where it Began for Me

Last Update: Feb 7, 2016


The Tough Times

Many of you have read about the tough times I endured over the last year and continue to endure even now. If you have not you can read about them in my blog below:

I Want It All

Isn't that how we all feel when we start a new business opportunity? Excited, Energized, Driven, Renewed and so on. But mostly we have expectations don't we? I did.

Did I Meet Them?


Did I Try?

I did not put as much effort forth as I needed to to meet my goals. Part of this may have been due to the accident and the lack of time I had to invest but being honest with myself it was also from helping and learning from others in the community more than focusing on my own business.

What Did I Accomplish

Some Really Amazing Things:

  • I met the most Amazing group of talented, compassionate, sharing people.
  • I learned a hell of a lot about affiliate marketing and many other topics surrounding.
  • I learned a ton about different apps and software.
  • I built solid personal and business relationships.
  • I built a solid business foundation.
  • I created four websites.
  • I signed with affiliate programs.
  • I created local business.
  • I earned revenue from various sources both online and offline.
  • I nearly broke even almost turning a profit in my first year.
  • I realized I should have never wasted money on college!


I followed the training (and not enough of it), stayed active in the community (too active maybe) and lived my business.

I really only spent about six months worth of time out of 2015 actually working on my business as the rest was consumed with medical issues and a little bit with other stuff. Had this been a true one year update the results may be different.


I'll leave you all with some stats and a screen shot.

I've not been big on gloating about rank but I did make it to rank 3, I wrote a bunch of posts, some blogs, some questions, created a few training's and I have a few followers.

Thank you to my followers.

I started WA on January 24th, 2015.

I look forward to another productive year and hope to be in better shape to achieve my goals.


Fortunately, though to no work I've done this year, my business is running in the black.

You heard correct . . . I have not done a damn thing in 2016 and am already turning a profit.

For those that are new to business and do not understand profit it is simply revenue - expenses.

This is proof that the work you do now will pay off later so don't get discouraged when nothing happens for months and months and months or years. It's different in every case.

Thank You

I could not have achieved this without Kyle, Carson, WA and most importantly our WA community. Thank you everyone.



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Nice post Eric, I hear ya :)
Thanks for the share :)

Thank you Joseph and you are most welcome. :-)

Inspiring - and many thanks. I remember you as someone who gave me help when I need it - many thanks. totally agree with the college as a waste of time comment. i should have been here. but no time for feeling bad - on with business!

Thanks Gareth. And you are certainly right - on with business!

Thanks for encouraging me!

I love the puppy pic Maureen! I am glad I could encourage you ... I hope it was in a good way. :-)

Your post inspired me! Get well soon and achieve your goals!

Have a good one,


I am glad you were inspired by my post. Thank you for the kind words Julius. :-)

Great accomplishments in spite of the accident. Keep it up.

Thank you Mia!

Great post E, ROCK ON 2016 Brother!

Thank you Darwyn. We shall Rock 2016 Brother!!

Hé Eric:) Nice to see you back in business! Rock on!

Thank you Loes!


Congratulations! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing more about your year(s) to come.

Thanks JL, and you'll certainly hear from me for years to come!

Nice blog, E. Got me revved up, brother! Following!

Revved up is a great place to be Hal, glad you're here with me!

Well done :)

Thanks Jude!

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