Munch Eye, EIN, and Shedding my Skin

Last Update: February 23, 2019

Hello my WA family,

I have limited income and just out of a relationship that has unfortunately made me in debt last month before I was even paid. I am looking to be a silent partner with a company through munch Eye and will working on getting enough money by the 25th which is when they are launching their first product. Anyone have any experience with this an, does anyone have an opinion?

I am opening a ecommerce business with my friend and we will have physical products that we have, we will be doing drop shipping and I am trying to get a couple other friends on board. I will be getting an office which will help me qualify for higher business loans. Does anyone have suggestions for who they went throug to get their EIN. I was looking at a the codes and was confused if the partnership covers you if the business gets sued like and LLC, right?

I feel blessed to have found this platform. I have been having some technical issues trying to get on the site. My goal is to get my two websites up by the end of next month. That you a for a your support!

Remember you are loved, and you can do this. Shoot me an email rather than on my post. I have so many people I have to reply to, and I will. thank

Christian Wynder

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