Questions by EJWeffer 6

Why i can not get comments back to my site?
I did make 6 comments to other websites a while ago, now I am trying to…
3 weeks ago 2 Replies
Who do you have to contact if you want to cancel membership?
I have been trying to cancel my membership and no one wants to answer,…
9 months ago 9 Replies
Make 3 comments in sitecomments but only 1 shows, where did they go?
Hi, guys today I did make comments to 3 sites but only 1 is waiting for…
10 months ago 4 Replies
Site improvements?. i can't figure it out how to do it
A few days ago someone game a suggestion in our feedback SITE and recommend…
10 months ago 3 Replies
Does anyone knows why i got this in g+?
Hi everyoneI just posted 5 minutes ago for the 1st time in G+ and when…
1 year ago 8 Replies
Changing my domain name in the private policy?
Yesterday i purchased my domain name and i have to change it in the private…
1 year ago 4 Replies