First Profit!! $$$ in my pocket

Last Update: June 13, 2014

Well, after almost a year I finally got my first sale of product from one of my websites. I'm so excited and motivated even more now! I was beginning to get pretty discouraged, but I knew if I just kept up the hard work that I would finally see some payoff. I still haven't converted/referred anyone to WA, but hopefully that will come in time too. Not giving up hope just yet! For all of you that are struggling and wondering if you will ever see even the smallest amount of money come across your desk, I tell you to be patient and continue to work as if you are already making a regular cash flow. It will come!!

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TanyaCHA Premium
Congratulations!! I wish you more and more sales in the future.. I am working hard to make my first sale as well. Your post helps me not to loose my faith that it is real.. Tanya
kbyer Premium
Congratulations. Thank you for the information. Best of luck to you.