Creating a Schedule to Increase my Content Creation

Last Update: September 30, 2016

Recently I've been reading other members' blog posts about wanting to create content more often. We all know that content creation is one of the best ways to get traffic and better rankings. However, life gets in the way sometimes and procrastination seems a lot easier.

I've been wanting to blog more frequently and I realized that I function better when I have a "to do list". There's just something about checking off those boxes when a task is complete.. makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

So in order to blog more often, I decided I needed to create a schedule. I have 2 main websites... a camping/survival website and a website promoting WA. So I want to blog in both everyday... or at least every Monday thru Friday.

Here's what my Schedule looks like for my Camping Website:

Mon - Camping Recipe

Tues - Affiliate Promotions or Current Deals/Sales

Wed - Specific Campgrounds or Travel Post

Thurs - Gear Review (ie: backpacks, tents, equipment)

Fri - Camping or Survival Tip

I have another schedule for my WA website. Having a specific topic or type of blog post scheduled for each day helps me focus and actually get it done. I was getting bogged down with the "what do I write about today?" syndrome, so this schedule allows me to be consistent and have variety within my website.

I just implemented the schedule and so far so good. I left Saturday and Sunday free for several reasons. I know that at some point something will keep me from sticking to the schedule ever single day. Saturday and Sunday can be used to either catch up or to take a break.

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Ultimateless Premium
Your schedule looks good, Elizabeth, how is it going for you?
MPollock Premium
Nice work, stay with it.
EHZeringue Premium Plus
Thank you very much!!!
ClaudiaHB Premium
awesome! I love your schedule! I wish I could post every day, but this month I am shooting for 3 to 4 posts per website (I have three), and 3 posts for WA, as well as two training for WA per week. At least that is the goal. I wish you good luck, and hope you will post an update, so we can all read how it went - blessings!
EHZeringue Premium Plus
That's a GREAT goal.... You could design a schedule based around that and it might help you stay on track. I will definitely post an update in the future.... accountability is a great tool that usually results in success.
JudeP Premium
We all need a break, it's very important :)
bbqfirepit Premium
Now this I need to do myself! Thank you for the ideas. I am actually thinking of doing a survival site in the near future, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and be blessed!
EHZeringue Premium Plus
Well Survival is a hot topic these days, so you will probably do well with it. I'm following you as well, so we'll keep in touch. Would love to bounce ideas around. Good luck!