Turtle beats rabbit, again. And 3 lessons about online marketing

Last Update: May 29, 2013
You definitely know that famous story about turtle and rabbit who decide to race and then against all odds turtle beats rabbit. Working in a school as a teacher I see this tendency again and again. It is just how life is. So the story is basically copy-pasted from life.

End of May is usually the time for final examinations in the schools. When exams are done and test papers come in then story of turtle and rabbit come into my mind again. To explain it, I give you some examples:

Student 1: This student can easily score 90 but as the rabbit in that race he felt confident (actually very over confident) and scored only 63. He failed the test.

Student 2: He has been very weak student, actually so weak that I asked his class teacher about a year ago how was it possible that the boy was here. But over the last semester the boy started to improve - he was diligent in the class and did all his home works, and he scored 75. He beat not only the way stronger students, he also beat his own benchmarks and passed the examination. I am very happy with him.

Student 3: Top student again who usually scores 100 or very close to it. But now... maybe over confident while preparing... Then some small mistakes because she did not read the instructions carefully and the final result (even though still good) but great disappointment to her.

Student 4: Another very weak student. Very weak! Always fails the tests. But she too picked up her game, started to work hard, did her home works and... scores so well compared to her usual standards. Not only that but she got the same score that the previous, top student. Very impressive!

3 lessons I learn here:
1. I feel that in online marketing I am rather like the slow turtle, or like these very weak students in the class. But if I don't care where I am right now or where others are but focus on my own things, learn and work hard, ask help when need, then sooner or later I will see the results that will be surprise me.

2. Even though I may have natural abilities to get strong results (also in online marketing), if I take it easy, do not bother to study nor work hard then in the end of the day I will going to fail.

3. Be overconfident and you will fail too - sooner or later. It is just how life is.

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caylynn Premium
Great examples of a typical classroom. Am always inspired by your perspective.
Thank you egonsarv. ^_~2322/5/30
egonsarv Premium
Thank you for encouraging :)
Patricia R Premium
How true! Some of the smartest people don't make it. Others catch up and may surpass them.
kaliinozarks Premium
Great story and thanks for sharing your student's progress. I also teach and never considered that story as a guideline for my students. I am going to incorporate your story into my first day get acquainted lecture. This has nothing to do with marketing but it will improve the lives of my students. Thanks for the insight.

BIS Premium
I love the analogy. It really resonated with me - from both having been a teacher and a life-long student
sruthithumbi Premium
Lesson to learn for life....!