Three babies - all different stories

Last Update: May 21, 2013
The first baby
First, I have a news for you: Our family – we are waiting another baby. She is no 4. Actually already no 6, but 2 of kids are already in Heaven. They go to school there and their teachers are angels. You know, the real angels, with wings. The real wings. I am also teacher and sometimes I tell to my students about my kids in Heaven – I say that my 2 kids in Heaven – their teachers are way better and interesting than me. They have wings and they can fly around the classroom…

Well, on this earth, our new baby will be no 4 then. In the western world and the richer families in Asia do not prefer many children any more – maybe because it takes a lot of time and energy to grow and educate them. And then you get many dead nerve cells and gray hear too as a bonus. But I have seen that children are blessing. It is so exciting.

When I told the news to my friend here then he smiled and asked proudly: “Made in Indonesia?” Well, that’s life. These days all the production tends to move to Asia.

But because of that my wife had to leave earlier from Indonesia. It’s fifth month and later she cannot fly any more. So she and our 2 year old son have already left back to Estonia. I will follow with my daughter after one month when our school year is over. And then… Then I can focus full time (with no income yet) to WA and internet marketing. As for income, I just trust God that we can handle it. But then... He has carried us all these 6 years in Indonesia and I am pretty sure that this was He who brought me to WA.

The second baby
And then there is the second baby. This baby’s mother is young Indonesian woman. I met her few years ago in Jakarta downtown while working with street kids there. Last week she text ed me and was desperate, real desperate, telling that she didn't not know what to do and was only crying? When I asked her what was her problem then she answered that she was waiting a baby and it was fifth month already. They had party with friends, they enjoyed the evening and then it happened.

And I thought – here we are – we are waiting a baby and we are so excited about this new child. And there is a young woman who is in the same situation - who is also waiting a baby. But for her – what should be a great blessing – for her it is a catastrophe! How sad! What can we learn here that it won't happen to us?

The third baby
And then… There is a third baby. This is my website. As the previous two babies, this baby has not born yet either. Partly because I have not had much time to invest into it. Partly because I got stuck. In some place I felt that I do not have enough knowledge to make a next step. That I have to study a little bit first. Especially about how to create content. Suddenly I found myself in a place where I had to write the content and then... I did not know how to do it? Or where to get it... So many questions came (I want to put them into different post) But I have worked hard, thought a lot, studied, prepared myself with good tools and seems to me that the baby - it's bones, muscles, the nerve system etc are building up, bit by bit and step by step. So I am excited. Very excited.

And the last thought, just to give you something to think about - can it be that the website that we create, it can turn out as a great blessing for us and others... or as a real catastrophe?

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Hi Egon, My name is Sherry from Las Vegas, NV.

It has been my struggle also to write content.

I often think that to know more is necessary, but writing from your heart is even more powerful. You can always change things later. You can only connect with people if you have "something" posted. It is both before and after the "baby" is born that your actions can help to shape its future! :-)

Best wishes to your family and your IM business. Sherry M
kaliinozarks Premium
Children are indeed a blessing. I agree, they are a lot of work but anything worthwhile takes work. Congratulations on your most recent blessing.

Prolife Premium
Thanks for your blog. In the Bible I read that every time God sent a baby He sent it as a blessing.