Struggling to pick it up again

Last Update: September 10, 2013

Finally she arrived - our 4th child. She preferred "late arrival" and we had to wait 2 extra weeks, until 03. sept 2013. But she is here, 4.9 kg and 55 cm. Yes, she is quite big and praise God, right now everything looks good.

But for me these last weeks have been totally out of rhythm (in terms of WA). I enjoy being with the family and there are so many new things that we have to do and places to go that these activities literally eat up my days. And I really struggle in WA world :) I see my rank has dropped from below 100 to 146 (actually I don't even understand how they calculate it. Sometimes I write and communicate much here in WA and after that my rank drops something like 20 points lower. I understand - maybe there were 20 more active people out there. But then I am not in the computer for days, I am totally passive and my rank climbs up something like 12 points... That's really impressive - so there are 12 even more passive people out there?)

Anyway, I - as a beginner in IM world - understand that this is one of the difficulties that I face in Conternt marketing (or internet marketing) world - you really have to be consistent. It is easy to be consistent if you have your daily/weekly/monthly routine, you have found your rhythm and you can operate in it.

But sometimes life is different - like babies get born... You have to buy so many more things, go to so many new places (governmental offices, hospitals, etc) you lose your routine and your rhythm. And then depression want to come over me - I cannot do it, I have to work with my website but I don't have time... And then there is temptation to give up.

If you have a job then you have to go to work - you want it or you don't want it, you just don't have choice. But this one - building up my own business - is like my free choice. And I struggle with it. Finding the time and rhythm.

Before our baby was born I found my rhythm and you know what - I can work, I make my steps, I see the results and I feel excited about it.

But then the routine is destroyed, the rhythm is gone and it is SOOOOOOOOOOO difficult to come back and start again. Don't even remember where I left last time.

But dealing with human trafficking issues, I like to read the stories about slaves. One of these freed slaves was Booker T. Washington. And he said:

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."

So actually, success in my life is not really how far I reach but how many obstacles I overcome on the way. And finding my time and rhythm - this is not an obstacle why to give up. This is the challenge for me to overcome and to win. So I don't give up. I don't quit.

But today it is difficult to start again... Really difficult... And somehow uncomfortable. I am not in the mood to start again. It is like waking from the warm bed in the morning and then doing the first stretching exercises - where every muscle is still sleeping. You don't really want to stretch yourself. The same feeling here. Yet I start and pick up my game again... Then tomorrow will be better.

In case you have some encouragement then feel free to write below :) We all are human beings, sometimes strong and sometimes weak :)

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wtbee2013 Premium
You wrote this yesterday so I am sure that after starting you found a new groove and are getting it done,

Welcome new one, and to you welcome back.
See you out here ;o)

God bless
caylynn Premium
A beautiful gift on the 3rd - how wonderful.
Soon you will find a routine with your new addition and duties. The WA community is always here to help you get back and get going.
Want to say, I look at rank as just a measure, not what I live by. What I like to see is those getting above me in rank that I have helped along the way. To me, that is a much greater measure of my success.
Hope to see more of you very soon. ^_~
Hudson Premium
Congratulations to you both on such a beautiful baby. Know exactly what you are going through, been there got the T shirt as they say. How did I overcome it? Try spending the smallest, yes smallest amount of time really dedicated. Say one hour when the new baby is sleeping. Next few days continue like this and then slowly increase the daily time till you get to your new norm, because with a new baby the old norm has gone out the window. To create the new norm you will have to be super flexible, extend your working day to accommodate new chores and the business. Don't worry you will get there
dossettaaron Premium
She is Beautiful!
Josh Perks Premium
Firstly congratulations on your brand new daughter :)
I get where you are coming from. Kids bring in their own routines and change is inevitable. You just have to sort a routine and get into it. If you have no routine at all nothing gets done, I have been through this. Best of luck!