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The first babyFirst, I have a news for you: Our family – we are waiting another baby. She is no 4. Actually already no 6, but 2 of kids are already in Heaven. They go to school there and their teachers are angels. You know, the real angels, with wings. The real wings. I am also teacher and sometimes I tell to my students about my kids in Heaven – I say that my 2 kids in Heaven – their teachers are way better and interesting than me. They have wings and they can fly around the c
Yesterday I did some shopping with my family. Now what I really like here in Asia is that when you buy a fresh fish then they in hypermarkets clean the fish, chop it as you like and you just take it home and cook.The guy who usually does this cleaning and chopping job in one particular hypermarket here is very polite and friendly. Smiles, talks, gives suggestions which fish to buy or not to buy and why so. Not only that but he always does really high quality job – keeps his workplace clea
Do you like to sit in traffic jams? I don’t. Problem is, it is everyday life here in Jakarta. The city can handle only 1 million vehicles but it has already 1.5 million and every day 300 new cars/buses/tracks and 2000 motorbikes are added.When I bought my small 100 cc motorbike and did my first 25 km to work through Jakarta traffic then all these 25 km I was praying: "Lord… please help me that I don’t crash into anybody. Please help me that nobody crashes into me… Pleas
Over the years I have noticed that in Indonesia the students fall into two main categories if we speak about English language. The first and huge group are those who know nothing about the language. And the second, small group are those who speak almost fluently, in a very confident and relaxed mode. And there is very clear difference between these 2 groups.The children in the first group studiy English at school (as students do everywhere in the world), they have the English subject but at leas