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In fact, I was in quite depressive mode today. Sometimes things go well and then you are happy and dancing. But then there are other times where things don't go as you would like them to go. I still struggle with my campaign. Sometimes I read that here in WA other people are succeeding and I feel like... hahhh... Why it is so easy for them and so hard for me? (Of course I don't know if it is easy for them but at least I feel that way because of their fast success). Sometimes I feel - maybe it
Are you frustrated with available stock images? Usually I am and so I prefer to design my own images to give my blog a more personal look. In my latest blog post I show how to install fonts Windows 7/Vista/8 and design one's own images. Did you know that handwriting draws peoples' attention better than photos and images? It is a proven fact and this is a reason why more and more magazines and websites/blogs use handwritten notes, arrows, etc. So first I tried to make my images using ball pen
The last 6 years I have lived in Indonesia. Now we are temporarily back in Estonia and we can experience a winter again. Luckily we live close to a beautiful lake. The first part of the winter was warm but now it is finally cold enough (-12 to -18 degrees Celsius) with all the snow, etc. The lake froze and about 10km long skating track was made by the city administration. I made some WA logos along the runway for shooting - just in case I should need them some day in my online campaign. I mad
September 10, 2013
Finally she arrived - our 4th child. She preferred "late arrival" and we had to wait 2 extra weeks, until 03. sept 2013. But she is here, 4.9 kg and 55 cm. Yes, she is quite big and praise God, right now everything looks good. But for me these last weeks have been totally out of rhythm (in terms of WA). I enjoy being with the family and there are so many new things that we have to do and places to go that these activities literally eat up my days. And I really struggle in WA world :) I see my
You definitely have seen the famous movie “Sound of Music”. About a week ago my kids wanted to watch it again so I joined them. It is nice movie and motivational too. But the next day the movie resonated in my mind and brought my thoughts to online marketing and WA… Mhm… I thought… Why did Maria succeeded winning captain von Trapp’s heart. She never planned to do that. She was a nun and came to von Trapp’s house to take care of these kids. And this is what she did. Maria was defi
August 05, 2013
When I was a graphic designer then I remember that I always examined the ads (what software the makers had used and how they did this or that) Now when I am here in niche marketing then I have noticed a strange thing - I see niches everywhere. Absolutely everywhere! I go to library and see all these magazines and newspapers and I notice how every publisher has chosen their specific niche (cars, women, health, fisherman, boating...). I walk on the street and see small businesses - they all have
When I joined WA I experienced the same excitement that many other here. I started with excitement but then I got stuck here that there and often did not know what to do next. Some steps I made wrong and it was discouraging. So tension and stress started to build. So here I want to share 3 lessons how to start online marketing stress-free. Maybe it helps.Have you ever played Mancala (the game at the photo below)? Many years ago, influenced by my friends I bought one and I really enjoyed it. It i
Somebody has said something like that: "Go the extra mile. It's never crowded." What do you think: Why it is never crowded? Because it is hard, isn't it? It requires perseverance. It requires consistency. But doing it and going extra mile award consistent people. What do you think: Why this beach at the photo below is empty? I tell you, why. It is cold. No, not in Indonesia but in Estonia. We (me and my family) just moved back to our home country for the next half year. Estonia is in
You definitely know that famous story about turtle and rabbit who decide to race and then against all odds turtle beats rabbit. Working in a school as a teacher I see this tendency again and again. It is just how life is. So the story is basically copy-pasted from life.End of May is usually the time for final examinations in the schools. When exams are done and test papers come in then story of turtle and rabbit come into my mind again. To explain it, I give you some examples:Student 1: This stu
I made this photo just few weeks ago. It is in one of the brand new buildings. Take a look at the photo. What do you think what is wrong here? What happens when you open the tap? The water does not fall into the sink, does it? And I just wonder how is possible that the architects did not think about it in the first place. After it was done, people had to live with it. So what they did? They cut 40 cm of plastic hose and attached it to the tap. Then another problem arose - the hose was s