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October 02, 2014
Sometimes it happens. I am frustrated. I don't know about you but this is how I feel sometimes: When I read some really good blog post I am excited as I learn great new things, techniques, etc. which I can apply. But then when I look at my present situation the reality hits me. I am so much behind, there are so many things to do, yet I don't want unlimited amount of time. And this frustrates me. It's kind like impatience too. People have built their websites for years, studied, worked hard, swe
"I can't do it. It's too difficult." This is what some 3rd grade kids told me right after I had given them the following simple math exercise: Me: "What is difficult?" Kids: "The exercise is difficult" Me: "Really? What EXACTLY is difficult in it?" Kids: "It's long!" Me: "Hey, look! Let's start from the beginning! 1+2. Is it difficult?" Kids: "No!" Me: "How much is it?" Kids: "3" Me: "Plus 1?" Kids: "4" Me: "Plus 10?" Kids: "14" Me: "Minus 5?" Kids: "9" We continued like that and without ANY
Have you been in a situation where you think: "Is there light at the end of tunnel?" Also here in WA...? Have you been in such situations? You have wondered if you were able to succeed or... Maybe to give up? Let me tell you a story. Real life story from my own life in recent days and weeks. Here in Kendari, SE-Sulawesi I help my friends who run a small private school. It is a new school and still in its early years but they are doing well. In my opinion their students are academically str
September 04, 2014
In the End of June I wrote my last blog post here. My family and I were packing to return to Indonesia. This time we planned to go father than before. The last 6 years in Indonesia we had lived in Jakarta and Bekasi, which is Greater Jakarta. This time we planned to move to Kendari, South-East Sulawesi. How to Find My Rhythm and Be Consistent? All the previous months I had worked hard to build up my website so I was not particularly happy to let in about one month long gap. At least this was
June 23, 2014
After one week I am leaving... But not from WA. From my home country, Estonia. We will return to Indonesia with my family. We came to Estonia to give birth to our little Melody and now the time has arrived to return to Indonesia. It's interesting to return to Indonesia but in terms of blogging... I had already built up my routine and it quite worked already. Next few weeks will be difficult as we have to pack everything and then fly to Indonesia. First 2 weeks we will stay in Jakarta and then m
I tell you a true story, my own experience, to give you a picture why you as a blogger, should enter into and live in the Quality Content World. One of my friends is working in a company which imports and sells stationery. Having such a good access to stationery, he recently made a gift to my child. My kid got from him quite a box with nice stationery stuff she needed at school. She also got a cool looking liquid ink pen. (I don't name the maker of the pen). Anyway, it's cool looking, als
This blog post is inspired by WA member OldMule who recently wrote here about unacceptable usernames. With this blog post I want to help those (especially newbie) who struggle with the issue and don't know how to choose a proper username? My aim is to bring some light into the issue. There are some great benefits in choosing a right username. 1. How did I choose my username? Actually I struggled with it when I joined the WA community. I had never been in the online marketing world before and w
I was inspired to write this blog post after reading Berny's recent article here in WA: Please Stop Wasting Your Time in WA...! It was about time management. Some people are more effective in it, others less but we all can learn to be more efficient when using our valuable hours and minutes. I really struggled to manage my time when I started blogging. As a newbie I did not really know what was most important things to do. It was just overwhelming how much I had (and still have) to study and w
Just lately I wrote in a new discussion asking for help as I could not find my previous discussions (questions that I had asked). It was really frustrating as I had asked for help and got also answers... Yet when I needed them later, I just could not find them. It was like searching needle in haystack. Not any more. Because there is a great new feature added to the WA platform. Now I suddenly noticed that there was a new button next to "My Blog". Just go to your profile page and you will see it
Empower Network is expanding and they have already attracted 155,000+ people to join their system. They promise big and fast money for 25 dollars per month only and as a result many have got hooked. And many more will get hooked. Sadly, the Empower Network login page is just an entrance into a nightmare to many.I If you take time to read people's sad stories about how they have lost big sums of money while these greedy marketers on the top of the EN pyramid make fortunes... It is just sickenin