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As you probably know, both - Bounce Rate and CTR (Click Through Rate) are about SEO. They affect your organic traffic.To help those who don't know yet I shortly tell what these terms mean.Bounce RateBounce Rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who run away from it after viewing only ONE page.The lower your Bounce Rate is, the better. For, obviously, if your site has a high bounce rate, Google understands that your site is boring - people don't bother to click to any other page. As
This is the email I got today from Google:What? For long time there was only 1 error, as far as I know it. Therefore, I logged in to my Google Webmaster dashboard and found my way into "Crawl errors." That's what I saw:Suddenly, out of blue there are 137 errors since August 11. Why? And, as far as I know, I have not done any modifications to my website. Anyway, the errors are here and all of them are "Error 500":However, my website loads fine. Does anybody know why these err
hen you purchase a new domain name, Namecheap (I don't know about others) usually adds their Whoisguard service as a bonus. You get it for free for one full year.Because it is free, you just take it and that's it. You forget it.Now, after that one year has passed, they mail you and ask if you want to renew their Whoisguard service.So the question arises - I Whoisguard Worth it?Should I use Whoisguard?How does it help me?That is what happened to me. I had no idea.I asked somebody and he answered
Have you seen them?Yes, you can see them everywhere. You can see them in small grocery stores and in big malls. You can see them on streets and at markets, in libraries, in airports and railway stations, everywhere.I am talking about people who are at their workplace but have nothing to do. Literally, their job is to sit (or sometimes stand) somewhere, to be present at some specific place and that's it.There is very little else they are required to do. So they have their 8 (or 12) hours and sad
December 22, 2015
Have you ever tried to solve the Rubik's Cube?By User:Booyabazooka, User:Meph666 odified by User:Niabot (Image:Rubik's cube v2.svg) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons If you have, then you know that it's pretty much impossible without a solver. On the other hand, with these formulas, it's not hard at all.Few days ago I did some quick research online and printed one of those Rubik’s Cube Sol
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2.5 months ago, on Oct. 01 Jaaxy 2.0 was released. In his blog post Kyle introduced its new and upgraded features. The tool got a lot of praise that time. I am just wondering, how do you feel now, after being able to use it for couple of months? I would like to write a review about it and appreciate if you could give me some feedback of your experiences with it. May I use your feedback in my review? Please let me know, if you don't want it :) As for me then I am very happy with Jaaxy 2.0. I lik
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There is a training in the Affiliate Bootcamp where you have to set a timer and then just focus on writing (30min, 60min, or whatever you choose). To be honest, I did not want to do the exercise. I thought that I have already written quite a many blog posts so I better just tick it and move forward. But unfortunately (or fortunately hahahaaa) I am not that kind of person. I want to be honest with myself. That means if I tick the exercise then I have really done it. So I did the exercise. I set
I like the new WA site manager. Both design and functionality. But I recommend one more thing. If you click on the Site health button, quite a few metrics will be shown to you. All of them for 0% to 100 %, telling you what is already good, and what needs to be improved. The percentage sign gives you a fast impression in both, number and color and I like it very much. Next to it there is a text telling you what you should do. Right now all these texts are static, whatever the percentage. Whethe
I am not native English speaker so I really need to learn English grammar. Often I find myself in those situations where I struggle to figure out which word is right to use. So finally I made a small personal database. Here I am collecting tips that I have found useful. Then I thought, why not to share them with you too? Native English speakers maybe find them too easy but for others... Maybe they're helpful. So this is where I struggled today: to or for? Use "to" when object moves in the direc
Do you also struggle creating and remembering ever increasing number of passwords? Do you have the same problem where you join a new program or service and they ask you to create a password. Yet the password has to be strong and you have to remember it too. I found it increasingly difficult problem to solve. I tried to remember them, I tried to use a certain set of strong passwords and switch between them (not recommended!!!). Also, I tried different password managers but as you know, everythin