Sound of Music and Online Marketing

Last Update: August 27, 2013

You definitely have seen the famous movie “Sound of Music”. About a week ago my kids wanted to watch it again so I joined them. It is nice movie and motivational too. But the next day the movie resonated in my mind and brought my thoughts to online marketing and WA…

Mhm… I thought… Why did Maria succeeded winning captain von Trapp’s heart. She never planned to do that. She was a nun and came to von Trapp’s house to take care of these kids. And this is what she did. Maria was definitely passionate. If you remember then she loved the sunshine and the mountains and the blue sky and green mountain slopes… She loved life, she loved to sing and she loved to dance… And she loved kids.

With her passion and love she literally changed the whole atmosphere in von Trapp’s house. And her passion and love changed captain’s life too. Not only his heart toward music but also toward Maria who suddenly found grace in his eyes too.

There was another woman in that story, with whom captain actually wanted to marry. She was rich lady but she didn’t really have any passion toward those kids (or probably any kids). The result? She had to surrender her place to Maria.

So how is this story connected with internet marketing and WA? Because it is about passion, isn’t it? If we are passionate about something then it gives us extra energy and carries us way higher and farther than others who don’t have that passion.

That other lady wanted to marry with the captain but she did not care about his kids. And she did not get the captain either. Maria CARED about kids and got the captain as BONUS!

The same here. Many people do online marketing to get money. To get rich. To get very, very rich. But if you see their websites then you quickly notice that they don’t care about their customers. They just want money. And you know what? The same way as that second lady did not get the captain, they won’t get the money either.

But if you are passionate about something, (like really helping people) love it, as Maria loved the sky and the slopes and sunshine… You know what? Your website climbs up and up and up and you will succeed… And there is definitely a BONUS waiting you too.

So what I want to say – I see a pattern here: if I put my heart into it (into this online stuff), to help and bless people, then I don’t really need to go out there to seek my success. The success will come to seek me. And it will find me! The same with you.

And you know what is nicest here? You enjoy your journey.

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coolcity Premium
Interesting post! I definitely never have seen it (and I am old enough) because it just isn't the sort of movie that ever appealed to me but it's a nice sentiment none the less.

As long as you don't let passion override gaining the essential knowledge to make it happen you will succeed. A warning though, I have seen businesses fail many times because regardless of how passionate the owners were, they just didn't realise they were not doing things the right way to ever make a success of it.
egonsarv Premium
Thank you coolcity :) This - doing things right way - is definitely true. But then... I just started to think... If you are really passionate about something and really love it then finally you will learn to do things right way. In business of course, this day can be too late already :)

As for the movie then it based on true story and this von Trapp family, when fleeing to America brought with themselves to America this Christmas song "Holy Night". They started to sing it in America and made it famous over there. Now it is famous all over the world. Interesting, isn't it? :)

But thank you for your thoughts :)