How to Install Fonts Windows 7 and Give a More Personal Touch to Your Blog

Last Update: March 12, 2014

Are you frustrated with available stock images? Usually I am and so I prefer to design my own images to give my blog a more personal look. In my latest blog post I show how to install fonts Windows 7/Vista/8 and design one's own images.

Did you know that handwriting draws peoples' attention better than photos and images? It is a proven fact and this is a reason why more and more magazines and websites/blogs use handwritten notes, arrows, etc.

So first I tried to make my images using ball pen and paper and then digitize them (just to be different from others and give my blog a more personal look). But the result did not look quite professional :( I did not have professional equipment and I wanted to use equipment available for everyone.

So I tried to find other ways how to design my images right in a computer.

In my blog post here I show how to find and install better/cooler fonts into your computer and design your own images.

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Warner43 Premium
Interesting idee and very good blogpost! Thanks. Warner
Karyskis Premium
Great post!
Blessings44 Premium
Hi Egon, I love this, thanks! I've never played around with fonts on my site. I use what's available in WP. I'm bookmarking this page! Lydia.
egonsarv Premium
Good, if you liked :) Thing is that if we use only what is by default then our blogs also look pretty much like millions of others. This is why I try to find ways to give my blog a more personal touch :)