Hey Jaaxy Users! Are you happy with Jaaxy 2.0?

Last Update: December 15, 2014

2.5 months ago, on Oct. 01 Jaaxy 2.0 was released. In his blog post Kyle introduced its new and upgraded features. The tool got a lot of praise that time. I am just wondering, how do you feel now, after being able to use it for couple of months?

I would like to write a review about it and appreciate if you could give me some feedback of your experiences with it. May I use your feedback in my review? Please let me know, if you don't want it :)

As for me then I am very happy with Jaaxy 2.0. I like threaded search and I always use it. Enterprise allows to use up to 5 active keyword searches, Pro only 2. But 2 is better than 1.

In the past I used Enterprise and got the taste of it. But at my present level Pro satisfies me. And Jaaxy 2.0 is fast enough to finish the first keyword search before I have typed in my second keyword. So 2 active searches are enough.

Also the new alfabet soup feature is great. This too, saves my time (as Kyle wrote in his blog). It's way easier, faster and efficient to scroll through the list of hundreds of keywords than trying to type letter combinations in and get 5-6 results with each.

Site Rank History - especially the ability to see if your rankings are going up or down - is just wonderful. In the past there was no history and if you wanted to compare, you had to remember the old position in the first place.

I really like the feature.

There is one thing that frustrates me a little. And this is how the new Jaaxy saves keywords into lists.

In my opinion, in the past it was easier. With the first set of keywords I created a new list and with each next saving, that newly created list showed up as the uppermost list.

Not any more.

Jaaxy 2.0 gives you lists but already sorted alphabetically. If the name of my newly created list starts with W ("wordpress tips", for example), each time I want to save keywords into that list, I have to scorll down to the very bottom of the list of list names.

So it's a little frustrating because it is more time consuming.

But thus far, this is the only negative thing I have noticed. And it is pretty much a minor thing so I can live with that. With all other new features I am very happy. I think that the with the same money you get more and faster with Jaaxy 2.0

But how about you? Now after using it 2.5 months, how do feel?

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Kyle Premium
We can improve anything with Jaaxy and we have some slated changes (awesome ones coming) for Q1 of 2015. :) What exactly what you like....a date added for the actual keywords and the ability to sort specific lists based on the dates the keywords were added?

I am just trying to get a feel for the actual application of what you are trying to do here in terms of your workflow. Definitely something that we can address if there is a specific need here Egon.

Thanks for your feedback of course, this is one of the ways we improve upon our services! :)