Niche idea - maxed out at 4.6 m hits

Last Update: June 03, 2016

I think, if anyone received 1 million hits on their YouTube video they would be ecstatic but 4.6m is just outrageous. I am talking about a dodgy video (sorry, budget video) that my nephew set up with his mates about a Captain America trailer. I am always amazed at what people are interested in but, with that many views, who cares. We are studying the marketing potential.

I am new to internet marketing and am trying to understand the mechanics of some of these business models. My nephew is no expert in internet marketing but just enjoys making dodgy videos. I don't think he expected such a response. He just thought of a rather good idea for a niche. Perhaps it may inspire some of you looking for niche ideas.

From the data below, the internet interest is obvious. What I was wondering is how long does it last? Looking at the statistics, the volume per day drops down pretty quickly and in such a short period. The whole event is over in just a month. I realise that the channel will attract lots of ads and, of course, the appropriate income but how long does the reputation last?

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Kyle Premium Plus
The thing about hitting it with viral videos like this is that it also blast your "subscribers" that you have associated with your account. This is a big deal for any subsequent videos that you create from that account, so although temporary and "one hit wonder" feeling, this can actually propel a business that is much longer term.