A Little Over 1 Year Update!

Last Update: July 02, 2016

Hi folks, my update is back!

It has been a fantastic journey here in WA. I meet lots of good people that are hungry to make some extra $$ online. And I am glad to help them out all this time.

Now due to a few of WA members asking for my progress, so I am going to do just that in this post. :)

As you might already know, my college was started in January 2016, and I've been busy since then. Of course it is not an excuse, there is always free time that I could put my effort into this online business.

Unfortunately, somehow I became comfortable with playing game and other entertainment stuff. As the result, I haven't post a single content since December 2015, which is over 6 months ago!

Yup..I let bad habit got into me. I know it could be disastrous to my future, yet I did it anyway. But now, things are getting better. I uninstalled the game, and try to minimize unnecessary stuff as much as possible.

Sometime, we have just to force ourselves to say "NO". I remember my small success comes from consistency and pushing to the limit. Then from there, we can really accomplish something in this venture.

Now for some that are asking my commission earnings, I have to tell you that it is still quite stable. I thought things will go down to maybe less than $500 a month or even worse. But it is not. It can actually go up without me putting a single content for straight 6 months+.

The work I have put into really has paid off well. In fact, the profit is 10x than what I've invested. (in term of money). As for time, I was mostly spending 2 hours a day to do this. And the knowledge I learned, can be very useful in the future. Think about it, Marketing will never die as long as human race exists. So there is nothing to lose folks!

I have 2 years left in college. It will be fast though. I can only imagine reaching full time as Internet Marketer and travel the world, but action has to be taken. I can't just dream but never put an effort. It will not come true right?

How about you? What are your dreams when you become full-time internet marketers? Will you travel the world? Fire your boss? Or maybe spend more time with friends and family? Let me know below. :)

You gotta have one to motivate you. That's how I got started. Don't let go, keep dreaming!



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Backontrack Premium
This is wonderful news for all of us Edy. I appreciate you sharing and I wish your continued success. It's ultimately what we all strive for!
EdyIsChandra Premium
You're welcome.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome story and look what you have accomplished in a year I can only imagine what you can accomplish in the year ahead.

Your story is another story of evidence that hard work and dedication that is put forth NOW will pay off later and often times forever. Keep working at it though, if you do rest on your laurels though it will eventually catch up to you! :)

Wishing you a bright, fruitful and exciting year ahead.
EdyIsChandra Premium
Thank you Kyle. Be sure to keep working on it. :)
TropicQueen Premium
My dream is to have a fruit farm and run a raw food retreat!
Thanks for the inspiration Edy it is very impressive that your income increased even though you didn't post for 6 months!
All the best with your studies
cheers Debbie
EdyIsChandra Premium
What a nice dream you have there Debbie!

Make sure to lay out your plan, and start working towards it. :)
NatNiches Premium
Yeh edy!!! Great to see your post. It just shows you the power of this when you can see you're still making great passive income six months after your last post!! Please come back and start working on your site though :) :) I know I'm not the only one that misses your posts and updates!!! Wishing you all the best Edy :)
EdyIsChandra Premium
You're right Nat. More people were asking for my update hahaha.
I finally did it though. :D
NatNiches Premium
haha :) Thought so :).
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Well done Edy and best wishes moving forward very motivating trading your post.
EdyIsChandra Premium
Thank you Evans! :)