Tips On How To Meet Another WA Member. Perhaps Over Coffee?

Last Update: November 12, 2019

My last blog about meeting a local Wealthy Affiliate member was read with great interest. Many expressed they would like to have an opportunity to meet another member themselves. That got me thinking about various possibilities.

Before I explore ideas to make this happen, let’s look at reasons why members have this desire.

Fulfill A Basic Human Need

We have a basic human need to meet others who share a common interest. As members of Wealthy Affiliate our common interest is Affiliate Marketing. Of course working together to help one another to achieve their goals has proved over the years to be very strong. It’s ingrained in the culture by our founders Kyle and Carson. I would like to consider this as a secondary common interest.

We help one another in our communications, blogs and overall conduct within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Since we are scattered all over the world, distance and time has been so effectively bridged.

For many of us there is something missing - face to face human interaction. Generally we don’t talk about this need as the logistics of making this happen are too great. Occasionally members write about meeting other members they have got to know who happen to be in the same place at the same time. Similar to the meeting I recently wrote about.

What if there is a way for members near each other to meet? Before that can happen we have to figure out a way to find out who lives not far from us.

In my case it was the blog I wrote here about the Saddle Ridge Fire that got the attention of another member who just happened to love not far from me. I don't think using disasters to get that answer is a solution!

Approach 1

You could add the general location where you live in your profile post. Then make it known you are open to meet people close to you. Suggest that any members living in that general area send you a PM to check how close you really are. Once contact is made the parties could pick a restaurant or a Starbucks nearby to meet for coffee. If there are several living in that same area, perhaps there could be a group meeting

Approach 2

Attend the Friday evening live webinars at 5 pm PST. Jay often asks attendees to type in where they’re from to highlight the International draw of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you notice other attendees located in the same geographical area as you, make a note who they are.

Send them a PM later to state you’d like to meet up if they live nearby. Pick a Starbucks in between to meet over coffee.

Benefits of Meeting In Person

We often talk about being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Family. When members meet in person, that concept is strengthened.

It gives an opportunity to help solve problems face to face. Conversations can move faster. This means that expressing problems we have in building our businesses become clearer. This is exactly what happened when I met with another member in person.

It can be fun sharing stories about how we came to join Wealthy Affiliate. Also, talking about our goals in person can have the effect of clarifying them and helps us to be accountable.

Compared to Network Marketing

In contrast, Network Marketing is a very social business. Affiliate Marketing can be quite solitary. We sit in front of our computers working on our websites. Even though we communicate online, it is still via an electronic screen.

Why is it that the top performers meet in Vegas every year? It helps Kyle and Carson improve how Wealthy Affiliate works more effectively. There is nothing like meeting face to face to help make improvements to Wealthy Affiliate.

Main Focus

The focus of the members is the member. No network is required to make our business function. The business relationship is strictly between the affiliate marketer and their customers. Wealthy Affiliate is just the facilitator.

Apart from the training and helping each other solve problems, the nature of this business is focused inwards. Quite the opposite of a Network Marketing business.

I'll go so far as to say that the personality traits of individuals who gravitate to Affiliate Marketing are people who prefer to create something first and foremost by themselves. Most of us are not interested in the Rah Rah Rah stuff that is a big part of a Network Marketing business. All of that is not necessary to motivate members. Our motivation has to come primarily from within.

Having said that, it sure helps to get involved with others for mutual support. And what better way to provide such support as in person.


Someone said in a thread wouldn't it be great if members were able to meet up on a cruise! That would be an amazing way to meet and collaborate. As well as socialize.

Imagine how we coiuld mix business with pleasure!

But let's get back down to earth.

Closing Thoughts

Does any of what I have said make sense? Would you make the effort to meet a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member if they lived in your geographical area? I don't mean country. Or even State. I mean within say a 50-mile radius.

Let me know what you think this idea means to you in the discussion area below.

All the best in your affiliate marketing adventure.



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WMarshall1 Premium
I have thought of this previously. I think it would be so awesome to met other WA members.

Yes i am definately in.

You have asked others what they would do to get the most out of such a meeting? Well tough question depends on person. But just to talk and share ideas and get to socialize with another affiliate marketer. What an awesome idea!!

Thanks for putting this out there.

EdwinBernard Premium
Glad you’re open to meeting other members. Could be lots of fun while strategizing plans together.

FKelso Premium
You know, the cruise idea is a possibiiity. When I was part of Nikken (MLM), twice I went on cruises sponsored by the company. They got a group rate from the cruise line,so we paid less than the standard fare. During at-sea days,we had training sessions. It was really fun to meet so many folks. I'm imagining Vegas must be like that, but it doesn't look good for me for Vegas.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Fran,

I also have been on a cruise with an MLM company called USANA in 1998. That was my very first cruise. We booked it through USANA. Something remarkable happened.

When we checked into our stateroom we discovered it was a suite with a big balcony! It so happened that in this ship these suites were on lower decks.There were only like 6 at this level.

I knew that something was wrong. So I went to the organizers to tell them this, They told me that whatever stateroom I got was it. Changing was not allowed! They still didn't get it lol. We were happy to keep it. I think they assumed that since it was on a lower deck it was just like any other stateroom.

We had a separate walk in closet. A spacious bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. A huge vanity dresser in the bedroom. Yes we had a separate bedroom and living room with a dining area! And the balcony was double size!

We were spoiled forever!

USANA rewarded people who made sales quotas with benefits from totally free cruises to partially paid ones. We didn't qualify for this and paid for our own fare.

We've been on several cruises since, including on a few Cunard cruises. None compared to the excitement and the feeling of luxury of that first cruise.

WA already as a reward system with the Vegas event. It would be great if they did have a cruise where those members got their trip paid for but gave others the option of paying their own way to join the group as well as participate in meetings etc.

WOW I didn't know I wrote so much. Better get back to writing my website post.


FKelso Premium
How fortunate! That happened to me once...took friends on a trip to New Mexico. In Santa Fe, we stayed in the beautiful hotel that is built like a pueblo. There was some special event going on and they had used our they gave us an upstairs suite with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, huge balcony. We could never have afforded that! It was extremely nice. We were there for a few nights.
EdwinBernard Premium
I loved that Fran! Surprises like that make a difference in vacations for sure.


JustAPerson Premium
Very well said and quite accurate for myself. I never got into all of that limelight stuff. Don't care about fame etc. Often I hesitate to even write on here even when I think I can help someone who has asked a question. Mainly because I think it makes sense to spend time DOING things instead of TALKING (or rather TYPING) about things.

On the other hand recently I have been thinking I wish I had a tiny group. Just a few people all working and sharing what we have tested. Problem solving. Brainstorming etc.

I know there are many FB groups for this kind of stuff. Some tiny and some huge. Not really what you are talking about with the face to face but the same end goal as far as not working in complete isolation I think.
EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks for your thoughtful response.

Your ideas make sense. Time is limited therefore anything we can do to leverage it can be beneficial.

Working in small groups where each member tries out different strategies and shares the results with the group could help leverage our time. It is not necessary to meet in person to do something like this.

Meeting in person is not vital to create a successful business. It certainly can enhance the process. It also addresses a social need that many have. And it is fun too! But as you so aptly said it is not for everyone.

If you could create a "mastermind" group within Wealthy Affiliate, how would you go about doing it? And do you have a list of strategies that could be worked on in a group environment for the benefit of all?

In would love to hear your perspective on this.

All the best.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
I think it's a brilliant idea, Edwin! I have only 2 small towns within a 50-mile radius to me; it's worth looking into! I'm just mining my future out of these tall mountains! It's lovely!

I enjoy very much the opportunities we're afforded here! What I wouldn't give for the chance to visit Italy, Ireland, Germany, etc. - where many of my WA friends are!

I think you're on to something!! Why don't you approach Kyle with the cruise idea - I think that would be so much fun! (business and pleasure)

Have a great Tuesday!!

EdwinBernard Premium
Hello Heidi,

Great response from you. I love it! I'm going to hold off on bringing this up with Kyle until I am further along in my business. Once I start seeing a stream of income coming in, I will definitely approach Kyle about this. I hope he reads some of the posts here. If he does he may pick up on it organically. I love that word now lol.

Meeting in person is not vital to create a successful business. It certainly can enhance the process. It also addresses a social need that many have. And it is fun too!

If you could meet another member what would you do to make the most of that encounter?

Love and Hugs to you Heidi.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Well that's a fun question!!

I think that we'd meet for coffee, some small talk, and then straight to the biz. I would want to run ideas past that person and hear their thoughts - and vice versa. Lastly, we would schedule a time to meet next time!!

Have a great night, Edwin!! :)
EdwinBernard Premium
You too Heidi. 🌌🐿
CordeliaN Premium
Oh my god Edwin,
You have me hooked, you know that like you I am a cruise fanatic,
As a cruise travel agent (in a previous life) I would arrange group bookings for people with common interests.

I think it is a wonderful idea

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Cordelia,

Glad you like the idea of a cruise. If this could come to fruition what would you say is the optimum cruise length?


CordeliaN Premium
7 days 👍