The Impact Of TaaS In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Last Update: February 16, 2021

What Is TaaS? Have you heard this term before? You should become familiar with TaaS as this will be changing our lives as we know it in the years ahead. And with it, many aspects of our Affiliate Marketing business.

Transportation as a Service (TaaS)

What does this actually mean? The best way to understand TaaS is to leap to the future.

Imagine a world where the concept of transportation is radically changed. When you want to travel somewhere you get out your smart phone, open up your transportation app and enter where you wish to travel and how many passengers will there be.

A few minutes later a vehicle drives up to your current location to pick you up. Sounds familiar, right? Uber and Lyft currently offer this service.

But this vehicle is different. There is no driver in it. In fact, it does not look like your conventional car. There is no steering wheel, dashboard, or anything that enables you to drive the vehicle. Instead, all the seats are designated for passengers.

You will be using an autonomous electric vehicle.

If you were the only passenger, the car would most likely be a one seater. The type of vehicle that shows up would be designed for the number of passengers traveling in it. And for good reason.

Efficient use of the battery would be paramount for economic reasons. Batteries have and continued to improve in efficiency and drop in price.

Whether you like it or not, the economics of the day will help to create this scenario. TaaS will be cheaper. And safer. There will also be a domino effect throughout our economy that will create unheard-of affiliate marketing opportunities.

TaaS Today

Electric cars today can operate for 400 miles and more before requiring charging. TaaS is currently being operated on a trial basis on real streets in cities like

  • Phoenix
  • San Jose
  • Las Vegas
  • Boston
  • Pittsburgh

Geofenced Locations

Each of these cities have designated areas that currently limit the zones where these driverless vehicles can operate. These zones are called GEOFENCED locations. They are on actual streets where cars with human drivers drive on.

The main reason for this limitation is to make it easy to collect data and to minimize the effects of accidents, if they occur.

Accident Data

Currently 95% of road accidents' are caused by human error resulting in over 100 deaths every day. When injuries are added to this statistic, the cost is extremely high financially and emotionally. .

Just one company called Waymo, operated by Google has racked up over 20 million autonomous miles on real roads in the real world and has not had a SINGLE SERIOUS accident.

Make no mistake, accidents will occur. But the accidents resulting from autonomous vehicles will be fewer and far less serious.

Economic Impact

If you had an autonomous system that allowed you to have unlimited travel to anywhere you want to go, including Interstate, for a subscription of $150 a month would you go for it?

Just imagine, you will arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. No worry about finding a parking space. If you need to stop somewhere say to visit the restroom, just tell the vehicle your wishes and it will find the nearest location like a gas station or convenience store.

It is estimated that not owning a car will save you nearly $6000 every year compared to owning a vehicle. Just think how that extra money in your bank account will benefit the economy? The chances are you will spend it on other things.

This doesn't mean people won't own cars. Just fewer people will. And instead of using your car for daily driving, you will use if mainly for pleasure trips.

2020 was the year of peak car ownership. This is in fast decline with a projected fall in the US from 18 million vehicles in 2020 to 6 million in 2035. The chances are by then they will be mostly electric.

Expenses will dramatically decrease in car payments, paying for gas, auto insurance, parking fees, parking tickets, parking fines. These will have dramatic ramifications to those respective industries.

Cities will have to find new ways to collect revenue. The oil and insurance industry will be severely impacted. Little of no accidents means they cannot charge high rates for auto insurance. Less need for accident attorneys. Court litigation incidents will be significantly reduced.

The car industry will be dramatically changed. Those companies who do not make the shift to electric vehicles will fade away. The auto parts business will decline.

Electric vehicles have significantly fewer moving parts. EVs are easier to service and repair. Electric motors last much longer than internal combustion engines. They are also more fun to drive. Imagine, 0 to 60 in 4 seconds being the rule?

Some areas will forge new millionaires. And others will see their fortunes plummet.

This is the time to be at the front of this major tsunami of change. It has happened before. Look at the Internet. The smartphone. Uber, Lyft, AirBnb etc. TaaS will dwarf all of these prior developments.

Cities will have huge amounts of unused parking lots that can be developed for other uses. If all the parking lots in Los Angeles were added up the area would be equivalent to the City of San Fransisco!

Timeline To Major Adoption Of TaaS

This trajectory has already begun in China and other Asian countries. China is the worlds largest builder of (Electric Vehicles) EVs. It has also introduced autonomous taxi services.

In the US the transition to TaaS has already begun with growing use of EVs.

If you are in the market for a new car, be careful about investing in a gas powered one. You could be purchasing a dinosaur! It is predicted that in the future you will have to pay to have your old gas powered vehicle taken of your hands.

All car makers are moving to EVs in a big way. Ford predicts that by 2035 they will only be manufacturing EVs.

These EVs have technology to save you from accidents'. Just look at the recent TV car commercials. Modern electric cars already have built-in technology to drive themselves. By law, this cannot be unleashed yet.

The next step will be to unleash the technology to let your car drive by itself. Once this occurs, the transition to TaaS will almost be there. Within 15 years this could become reality.

Missed Past Predictions

Do you know that almost every technological change in history has missed the timeline? Experts either dismissed the impact or projected much longer timelines. Changes occurred sooner rather than later.

Bill Gates And The Internet

Bill Gates in his 1995 book The Road Ahead famously stated, "The Internet has enormous potential, but it's important....that expectations aren't cranked too high."

His own people failed to get him into the browser business. However, when he saw his mistake, he moved to correct that quickly.

McKinsey And The Cellphone

The McKinsey Corporation predicted that the cellphone market would total 900,000 customers by the year 2000. They were off by more than 100! By 2000 there were actually 109 Million cellphone customers worldwide.

Bloomberg And The iPhone

In 2007 a Bloomberg analyst predicted that the iPhone impact would be minimal. Remember who were the most popular cellphone suppliers at the time? They said that Nokia and Motorola had nothing to worry about.

Even Steve Ballmer who succeed Bill Gates at Microsoft said, "There is no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No Chance!"

Right. Apple has over 40% of the US smartphone market and more than 13% of the worldwide market. Although smartphones that use the Android OS are higher, it was the iPhone that influenced Google introduce the Android OS.

Other Missed Predictions

Similar sentiments were expressed by experts about Uber, Lyft and AirBnb. From your own experience can you look back and see other predictions that were missed?

Opportunity Beckons

TaaS will launch a $10 TRILLION market of opportunity. As we look for profitable affiliate marketing niches, use your imagination to explore what opportunities will TaaS open up for you.

The reverse is sadly true. Look at what niches that currently exist may start to fail. I mentioned a few, The auto parts industry. Auto and Accident Insurance.

The State of California has just approved autonomous delivery vehicles for pizza and groceries among other things. Won't these kinds of companies have affiliate programs worth looking into?

Nathaniell, a hugely successful Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur wrote a blog on this topic on his affiliate marketing website. He goes further and suggests cooking and recipe affiliate programs that can be linked to grocery deliveries.

Can you imagine the impact autonomous delivery will have in the food industry?

Food For Thought

There is so much more I can write about TaaS and its impact on our future. I highly recommend that you conduct your own research.

You may feel resistant to this inevitable trend. Rather than be steamrollered by this trend, why not position yourself to the front of this wave to profit from it.

New investment opportunities will be exposed that you can also consider.

Like batteries. Semiconductors. EV manufacturers. Users of autonomous EVs. Are you aware that aircraft, helicopters and boats are being designed to operate on batteries?

I'd love to hear your comments on this brave new world!

All the best to you.



Addendum on February 16, 2021

Link that shares information about 7 reasons why the EV cars will kill the ICE car. Note, EV = Electrical Vehicle. ICE = Internal Combustion Engine

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Interesting, indeed, Edwin, but there will be many who want their gas powered vehicles, and will also want to drive themselves! This most likely will not happen in my lifetime--or at least in the driving portion of my lifetime which is left! The cost for these vehicles will be high, and for the "little people" cost prohibitive.

In addition, there is very little infrastructure in place to support them at this time either! It is the wave of the future for the younger generation though!

Thanks for sharing!

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Jeff,

I understand your position. The freedom to own a car is one of the big reasons for car ownership.

The drive train of an EV has about 20 moving parts compared to 2000 in a gas powered car. Just like there are pricey gas powered cars like Mercs, BMW's and Lexus, there will always be high priced EV cars like Tesla.

In fact, I am 100% certain that in time EV cars will be significantly more affordable to the "little people" and sooner than you think. The cost per mile is about 10 cents compared to 85 cents according to the AAA. Repair and maintenance costs are also lower. Ford has predicted that they will stop making gas powered cars in 2035. Just 15 years from now.

Another fun fact. Electric cars are much more peppy and fun to drive. 7 seconds from 0-60 on low priced EV's are commonplace. The pricey models can achieve that in less than 4 seconds.

I grant you that TaaS may take longer to materialize but within 15 to 20 years is not out of the question. And there always will be the option of owning whatever car you want. Until gas powered cars are no longer made.

Personally I hope TaaS occurs in my lifetime, I prefer to be driven these days than driving myself. Whenever I use a Uber I feel that is a luxury.


JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks for the very nice response, Edwin! Let us hope if this occurs that all the Charging stations throughout the country are already built!

Let us also hope that green energy will actually be sustainable by then! I am not optimistic along those fronts for a variety of reasons.

Fossil fuels are more efficient at providing heat and power, bar none, and people forget to take into account how to dispose of old solar panels and batteries--hazardous waste. Moreover, it take coal to provide the electricity in sufficient amounts to manufacture ALL of theses things!

It will certainly be interesting to see! Air travel will also be very interesting to see as well!

EdwinBernard Premium
How about nuclear powered vehicles?

A toastmaster friend gave a speech on another form of alternate safe nuclear power based on thorium.

In the decades ahead I am sure new technologies will emerge that we cannot even imagine today. It is great to dream!

JeffreyBrown Premium
I'll have to take a look, Edwin! interesting , indeed, though, but no matter what they say, Nuclear material is still hazardous waste!

drjec Premium
I have think I saw one of these vehicles in San Jose. It was on a major city street in the morning. The car looked like a normal sedan, but was bright yellow which caught my eye. I just got a glimpse but it was freaky. It was just making a right turn onto the street I was on. I saw the yellow. I glanced over and thought there was no driver. Unfortunately, I had to keep going because of traffic. Freaky!!
EdwinBernard Premium
Funny you should mention that because test vehicles not only from Google but also from GM are are being driven in many cities including San Jose. Like ghost drivers!

It will become even more freaky when you see no steering wheel or dashboard in TaaS vehicles.

Brave new world! Thanks for commenting.

1800CC Premium
Hello Edwin.
This covid pandemic has sure changed most things. People working from home, not traveling as much, having your groceries delivered. I can see Taas playing a huge role in the near future. How many people pay $150.00 a month for a car payment these days. How much do we pay extra for gap ins and additional ins for when your car breaks down. Now I have new niche thoughts in my head.
Thanks for sharing.
Be safe
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Mike,

Thanks for commenting. Glad that you have been inspired to think in new directions. The economics and safety factors will accelerate the adoption of first personal EV's followed by TaaS vehicles.

The cost to build EV's is falling dramatically. Consider, the EV drive train has only 20 moving parts compared to an ICE vehicle that has over 2000. Talk about increased reliability and lower maintenance costs too.

All the best to you.

richardgb Premium
Hi Edwin
A personal view...
TaaS has already been growing slowly for many years now, and just like other technologies that you mention did, I suspect that growth will achieve a critical mass around 2025 and suddenly grow exponentially. I would not be surprised if there are very few petrol/diesel engines left by 2030.
EdwinBernard Premium
Well stated Richard. I feel you will be right. Ford has announced that by 2035 they will stop making gas powered cars. AAA calculated that it costs 10 cents a mile to operate an EV compared to 85 cents for a gas powered car. And the maintenance costs are much lower.

Thanks for commenting.

JeannetteZ Premium Plus
/WOW, Edwin. What an interesting article. I never heard of TaaS. I saw a magazine cover once with a driverless car, but I thought that was still far away!
This is real food for thought, and I will do more research on it myself.
With gratitude
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Jeannette,

Thanks for your comments. Glad that I was able to awaken your curiosity on what TaaS is. Please, do your research now that you know what those words mean. And please let me know what you discover.


JeannetteZ Premium Plus
I'll keep you posted, Edwin! 😊