The 4 F's of A Goal - It's Not What You Think!

Last Update: January 12, 2020

We're well into 2020 and I hope that you have made a great start towards your new goals. It is easy to get sidetracked. And if that happens how do you react?

Do you beat yourself for lagging behind? Do you feel that the goals you set are looking impossible already? Or are you on track. I'd like to share the 4 F's of a goal.

Be FOCUSED On Your Goal

This is the easy one. How so? We consider goals very important to help us achieve our dreams. If we do not have the necessary focus, we will not achieve something that is important to us. Even when we are thinking of other things, the goals we set will keep rising to the focus of our minds.

Be FLEXIBLE In It's Execution

Being flexible is a hard one to handle. It makes us feel like we are making excuses for falling behind or slacking. Let's face it. NO matter how noble our intentions were when we set our goals, life happens. Often our attention is necessary for something very critical for a moment. Are we to ignore this urgency?

No. Give yourself a time limit to address whatever it is. And then get back to working on your goals. You may need to make some changes in your timeline. Or quicken your pace to catch up. However, you handle it being flexible will take the stress out of the equation.

Be FAIR To Yourself

When life happens and you have to pause working on your goal, do not beat yourself up. Be fair to yourself. Recognize that you had to make a hard decision after weighing up the pros and cons of the situation. Be fair to yourself.

Oh and Have FUN!

This is the F I like the best! When you're working on your goals, set up activities that make it FUN! Don't you think that will help you meet your goals sooner? Hence, when you have to pause, returning to working on your goals is something that you can look forward to because it is fun!

One way to make it fun is to collaborate with someone else. You could have different goals and agree to be accountable to each other. Like having another person to check up on your progress. And you could set up a competition to see who accomplishes their goals first.

Alternately one of your goals could be a joint project that could add to the fun.

F Words Not Applicable

Notice that FEAR, FAILURE and FANTASY are a few F words that have no place in working towards your goals.


After you achieve your goals CELEBRATE! I couldn't think of a relevant F word here. Do you have a suggestion?

I wish you all the best in working towards your 2020 goals and beyond!



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GerLeijen Premium
Nicely put Edwin. Not long at this and there's lots happening in my life - serious stuff - but focusing on my goals and taking action when I can helps keep me sane :) Taking care of myself was always last, always tomorrow or sometime when you get a chance.
Now I put myself and my family 1st :). Everything else will take care of itself with patients and persistence.
Greatful to be here at WA. Thank you for this.
All the best.
EdwinBernard Premium
Great to hear from you. Good to know you've got your priorities nailed down. That's so important.

I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.

Fleeky Premium
Marked as top Edwin
Always awesome!

EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks Fleeky!
Joes946 Premium
Love it Edwin!
EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks Joe!
Stanleycmng Premium
Great 4 F’s, Edwin.

EdwinBernard Premium
Yay Stanley! Thanks.
megawinner Premium
Awesome. Thanks for sharing!
EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks much Fiorentino!