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This post is primarily focused on target audiences for the Wealthy Affiliate Program. But it could be adapted for others.I wonder how many members here are earning significant money through the Wealthy Affiliate Program. We all know those who make it to Las Vegas each year are in that group. What about those who come close to the 300 Premium sales each year?1 + 5 + 3 - 4 = 3Let's do some math. To keep it simple I am going to only consider Premium members who pay monthly. The commission earned w
This is a philosophical question. When we joined Wealthy Affiliate one of the questions we had to answer was to state our financial goals, Does that mean we are here to make money through affiliate marketing? Absolutely! Affiliate Marketers Earnings PollSTM Forum recently conducted a poll of 117 affiliate marketers who are actually earning an income. The annual income results are shown in the graph below: (BTW, membership to STM Forums is $99 a month. No, I am not a member.)What this graph does
Recently I wrote by learning and applying the training at Wealthy Affiliate, higher frequency in search engine rankings can happen. Let me share my best experience to date.Yesterday, August 4th I published my 84th website post entitled:What Is The Key To Success In Business - It Is One Simple Word.Today, August 5th I received the following message from Kyle and CarsonThey confirmed that this post was ranked in Google. This message advised me to check out my rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo using
In the Pandemic Era that we are in today, the phrase doctors go by, "Do No Harm." is what applies to each and every one of us today. We do no harm when we follow the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.Do you know that this phrase, "Do No Harm" also applies to our affiliate marketing business? How so you may well ask. I am going to turn around the direction of this phrase. Instead of doing no harm to others, how about doing no harm to ourselves? Have you considered how many times we s
I am sure that many members use Jaaxy Site Rank to measure the progress of your website. We may have different approaches and I wanted to share the approach I use. This post will also demonstrate how effective the Wealthy Affiliate Training is as the results over time will demonstrate.Note: You msy need to use the zoom feature of your browser to read the small print in the screehshots. Examples Of Early Days Site Rank ResultsWhen I was invited by Kyle to join the Super Affiliate Challenge in Ma
For the longest time I was battling writing enough content to meet my goals. Also, my Plugins were lagging at Yellow. It was time to make some changes. I had just concluded my 15 week series book study project on my Wealthy Affiliate Blog on Think & Grow Rich. One of the exercises taught was to recite loud twice each day what your goals are in terms of money equivalents, when you expect to achieve it and what price are you willing to pay in terms of learning, effort and action, to achieve y
When you attend Jay's webinars in mid 2020, he strongly recommends using GeneratePress as your website theme. After years of using the Classic Editor in WordPress, Jay has started to use the Block Editor. On his webinar today, July 24th, he gave us a preliminary demo on the features and benefit of the Block Editor. AS well as GeneratePress. I do not have GeneratePress as my website Theme. And I use the Classic Editor. If you happen to be in my situation where you first started creating your web
Have you ever been told that to truly understand a subject, teach it to others in a way they also understand it? If you cannot do that, then you have a problem.There was a time I took up a temporary teaching job where I taught math to adults in a local technical college in the evening. I needed the money and felt this was a good way to earn it.The ProblemBut I had a problem. When I studied the math curriculum I realized that there were several concepts I didn't understand myself. How could I t
Today I created a new Pinterest Board for my Think and Grow Rich book study. I created blogs on 4 chapters and paused to create corresponding 4 Pinterest Pins.My goal is to help others who have not read this book to do so. And also to check out my website posts on each chapter. If this action results in more monthly views that would be wonderful.Give and TakeEach of these website posts have affiliate links back to my blog posts on Wealthy Affiliate. If those who find my pins on Pinterest connec
After a lot of hard work I can see my website heath improving significantly. There were 5 major lessons learned that helped me that I want to share with you.Write High Quality Content RegularlyGet Feedback and Comments OftenManage PluginsOptimize for Google RankingEarn TrustSite Health ResultsHigh Quality Content RegularlyBy far this was my biggest weakness until recently. It wasn't very long ago that my publishing frequency showed 30% and the color was RED. I was only averaging one post per we