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I wonder if others who are active in participating in Site Comments have experienced the phenomena I am going to describe. Have you read posts that tell you about amazing things you would like to be involved with? For example have you read about products and services that were so enticing you wanted to get them for yourself? Enticing GoodiesWhat about other money making opportunities that seemed like a great idea? Almost like new shiny objectsl Or programs that could help you in your business?
Can I ask how you felt when you completed your first 100 articles? Did you feel like you accomplished an important goal. Or did you feel you fell short because you had intended to complete those 100 articles sooner? I am in the second category as I fell short in my timeline. Instead of taking 8 months it has been 16 months since I began my affiliate marketing MMO website. Nevertheless, I feel light-headed for at least completing 100 articles. The following is from Site Comments and shows 125 ar
A few weeks ago I saw an online advertised offer for a free sample of CBD Cream and CBD Tincture and all I had to do was pay the shipping and handling to get them. The product was endorsed by a celebrity who I respected. And it was shown to be very powerful stuff that would help arthritic pain. What was there to loose? I filled out the form and entered my credit card info. A few days later I got my free samples. I had no intention of ordering more unless I found that this worked for me. The com
We have all read countless articles and books about the myriad of reasons why people fail or succeed. This got me thinking about the single biggest reason for success or failure. It doesn't have to be about Affiliate Marketing, but about any endeavor we choose to devote our time to. Let's fill in the blanks XXXX using the following words to make up two very important questions.FAILSUCCEEDWhat is the biggest reason why people fail? What is the biggest reason why people succeed? Please provide yo
There has been several posts recently about the value of a domain name. I got an appraisal of the domain name of one of my websites that I have not been working on for 18 months since I changed my niche focus for the moment. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2018 I bought my first domain within WA called for $13.99, renewable annually. When I changed my niche to MMO in response to the Super Affiliate Challenge, I put this on hold. It only had 25 posts and I plan on
Have you read Kyle's update to his tutorial on The Diamond Traffic Program? If it has been a while since you read it I highly recommend you checking it out now as he has expanded the training to 10 information filled lessons. In the section on using Social Media he invites us to connect with him and Carson on Social Media. Before I give a teaser on this update, here are their social media info that I copied from this tutorial.Kyle and Carson's Social MediaQuote from Lesson**********************
Stephen R. Covey wrote and first published his iconic book in 1989. Over 15 million copies have been sold. This is up there in stature with Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I thought I'd link each of these 7 Habits with successful traits in Affiliate Marketing.1 - Be ProactiveProgress doesn't occur without action. We have to be proactive in creating a business plan and following that plan in order to make progress towards our goals. Being proactive is the opposite of procrastinating. It is
Can you remember back to when you were 20? Perhaps you are a 20-year-old member here on Wealthy Affiliate. You will have heard this lesson many times but it is worth hearing again. This lesson is also one you can teach your kids and young adults in your family. It is about one of the miracles of finance. The Power of Compound Interest Over TimeLook at the graph below. What do you think it would take a young 20-year old to accumulate the sum below at 65? Go past this graphic below and you will s
In giving several site comments recently I noticed a trend. More members are leveraging material on Wealthy Affiliate to boost their business. What does that mean? And how can you use it in your affiliate marketing business?Two Kinds Of WebsiteThere are two major ways to use affiliate marketing, Market products and services to meet a need or solve a problemHelp others to set up their own Make Money Online businessIt is no coincidence that Wealthy Affiliate has two training courses, each focused
My last blog was about Site Comments, link here. I received so many passionate comments that taught me something valuable I want to share immediately. Misunderstanding Site CommentsWhen I first joined Wealthy Affiliate and started giving site comments I coudn't understand why I got so many disapproved comments. I pointed out things like how well they had written the post, with suggestions on what they could do to get even better. Then there were the posts that didn't make sense at all. Or had b