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If you own a home and do not need money to solve any serious financial issues my advice is don't do anything. Carry on with your life and be thankful you did the right things to be financially secure.But what if you have serious financial problems? Say you are behind with your mortgage. Your credit is not good enough to qualify to refinance. And you had prior liens on your home. And you have loans you can barely meet the monthly payments. To make matters worse you are retired and living on a fi
You may have encountered such a comment, "You must have been lucky to reach that goal."Really? I cannot remember where I came across the following definition of luck that I would like to dissect to see if it makes sense.LUCK is what happens when PREPAREDNESS meets OPPORTUNITY.What does this really mean? Preparedness? What exactly is this.Wealthy AffiliateLet me use our training here at Wealthy Affiliate to illustrate the meaning of preparedness. Here we are taught how to develop the skills to c
Are you familiar with this Jaaxy Sign Up Page? If you are not, you can access it via your Jaaxy website. Click the Research Tab on the left. Then click the Jaaxy Dashboard on the bottom right. At the top you will see Affiliate Program menu. Click that and you will find your affiliate link. When a visitor clicks that link, they will get to the sign up page shown in my header, When you share this link on your website and a visitor clicks it, they will have the option of signing up for free. And t
Have you ever wondered what alternative training is available in affiliate marketing? I did because I wanted to see how they stacked up against Wealthy Affiliate. More importantly do you need it considering all we have here at Wealthy Affiliate?Right up front I want to stress that I could not find any other training platform that offered everything available in one place such as Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore, anyone who wishes to have the same suite of resources available here will have to do th
Why not write my perspective on Wealthy Affiliate for my 200th post? I just wrote a site comment on a new post by Tony Lee Hamilton on Weathy Affiliate and was inspired by what he wrote. And that motivated me to write this blog post. When I first became a starter member of WA, I didn't know what to expect. Like most members here I had checked out several other online training sites and programs and found them all lacking. Or they cost too much. The worst experience I got from so many places was
There is a well-known saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Do you agree with this statement? If so, have you created a business plan of which in my opinion the daily plan of action is the most important?We all have or should have short, medium and long term goals. It is crucial to recognize that making goals is not planning. You have no control when you are going to achieve these goals. But, you do have control on a series of actions that are designed to help you reach your goals.Ac
Have you watched the long-standing TV series called Vikings? My wife used to watch it but I didn't. Without having seen it at all I thought this was a documentary series on the Vikings. Recently I got a new iPhone 11 and decided to purchase a phone case from Amazon. In order to get free shipping I took the free 30-day trial to Amazon Prime. One of the benefits of Prime is free access to the movies on Amazon. O Dear, Blood And Gore!The first movie that caught my attention was Vikings. I checked
Thanks to all of 7000 of you for adding me to your network. I believe that one of the benefits of being connected is when we publish a new blog, ask a new question or create a new training, the members in our network are automatically notified. Is it really necessary to have numerous members in our network? This is up to each one of us. It accelerates when anyone is active on the Wealthy Affiliate community and that can be a good thing, Especially if we are helping others in the many ways Weal
Let's define what complacency is. It is the feeling of self-satisfaction with your current situation. Like being smug. Resulting in the loss of ambition and drive. When I've read blogs on various human conditions that can derail our progress, I rarely, if ever, hear anyone mention complacency as being one of the reasons. Have you ever been complacent? I know I have. And it tales a great deal of inertia to overcome it. Main CausesWhat are the kinds of things that can make us complacent? One exam
As an affiliate marketer our main focus is to sell products and services provided by others. We earn a commission only when a sale is made. As bloggers, we depend on our content working hard for us to persuade our readers to take action. Either to make a comment, join an Email list or click the affiliate link and make a purchase. The end result we desire is the sale. When the reader is hesitant we offer them the alternatives listed above so that we can maintain a connection with them for future