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My last blog was about Site Comments, link here. I received so many passionate comments that taught me something valuable I want to share immediately. Misunderstanding Site CommentsWhen I first joined Wealthy Affiliate and started giving site comments I coudn't understand why I got so many disapproved comments. I pointed out things like how well they had written the post, with suggestions on what they could do to get even better. Then there were the posts that didn't make sense at all. Or had b
I got my Certified Commenter status originally well over a year ago. At that time once you were able to maintain a running total of 50 plus comments, you could earn $0.50 for every two comments you gave. The Mystery Of Loosing Being CertifiedMaintaining that running 50 total was, and still is a challenge. Here's why. The total number of comments you give in one 24 hour period, gets wiped out after 30 days. Hence, you could have 64 comments one day and 49 the next. The reason being that 30 days
Ambassador for just over 300 days! I had no idea I would be in the top 25 for so long. In February when I was approaching 100 days as an Ambassador I wrote a blog where I planned my exit from the top 25 to focus more on building my website. I called it My 8-Day Ambassador Exit Plan At that time I was posting an article on my WA Blog every day. I felt I was neglecting my business and needed to focus and balance my activities, The Meaning Of YES To MeThe changes I made involved limiting posts on
I just wrote a comment in Site Comment on a beginners primer to Bitcoin by Tony Hamilton. He did a great job in educating newbies how Bitcoin and Cryptos work in general.Cryptocurrencies are a difficult subject to fully understand. The general concepts are easy to grasp But the details on how to purchase, store, use it to pay for stuff and withdraw the funds are not straightforward at least for me. You may be wondering what Cryptocurrencies have got to do with Affiliate Marketing. Go to the Aff
We all should know how we earn income in affiliate marketing. We become affiliates of companies and promote their products on our websites. Our primary method is through content marketing. There are other forms of promotion such as the use of banner ads.When a visitor likes what they see and read, they click the affiliate link and buy the product. A commission is earned. This is a passive income. We create an asset, our website, that generates income passively all by itself. Even when we sleep
AWIN is one of the largest Affiliate Networks that operate globally. The company has 14,600 advertisers to choose from and 205,000 publishers. In 2019 AWIN processed 147 million sales.My main motivation to join AWIN was to promote a company called Motley Fool. They help the world invest better. They accomplish this through their many specialized investment newsletters and reports. The company was founded in 1993 by the brothers Tom and David Gardner. As you may guess, their trademark was the th
When I checked my Share A Sale account today I was delighted to find I had a commission of $27.50 waiting for me. Since I set a minimum transfer amount of $50, I will have to wait for another sale to get my money. Cool!Sure, this is small potatoes compared to my earning potential. And that is the point. We all have huge earning potential here at Wealthy Affiliate. it all has to start somewhere. Right? No matter how small.The company I earned this from was National Debt Relief. It is purely bas
What is clarity of mind? Let me tell you the main reason why this is so important to our business. People Trust People Who Show They Have Clarity Of Mind! There are 4 components to Clarity Of Mind:VISION - The WhereMISSION - The HowPURPOSE - The WhyCORE VALUES - The PriceLet's review each of these in order.VisionOur vision is the goals we want to achieve. It can be monetary. But it can be anything we want it to be. Since we are in the Affiliate Marketing business, I think I can safely say whate
I found it inspiring to have learned this lesson in another seminar. There is nothing new here. However, it is worth repeating. Hence, I thought, why not share it with the members at Wealthy Affiliate? I will first list them and then relate them to Affiliate Marketing from the perspective of Wealthy Affiliate. So let's dive in.Create a structured plan to develop our skillsFind a successful mentor to guide us through the processSpend time practicing the processSpend time learning about ourselves
You may have seen previous blogs of mine here where I referenced my mentor who I often go to for advice. It is not the function of a mentor to be a tutor or coach. A mentor is there for help when you need to. It is up to you to use their time wisely as they are very busy indeed. My mentor joined Wealthy Affiliate, and decided to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program right from the beginning. He joined in 2015 and within three years was earning around $8000 a month consistently. Now, after five