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When we are in business for ourselves, one of the advantages that is promoted is we can work our business at our own pace. Think about that for a moment. Pace can mean different things to different people. For some, it could mean a couple of hours a week. For others, it could mean a couple of hours a day. And for some, it could mean to do whatever it takes, no matter how many hours a day it will take to get results. Out of these three scenarios can you guess which approach has the better probab
January 10, 2021
After being a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador for over a year, my feelings are ambivalent not being one. I do not feel any obligation to visit Wealthy Affiliate as often as I used to. And that is new territory for me. It means that I do not follow the posts of others and learn from them. It follows that I do not leave comments either. Do I miss it? Yes I do!There was a routine I had developed that provided a most enjoyable way of life online. But that also resulted in not spending as much time on
Can you guess what that was? One of my referrals upgraded to Premium on Christmas Day! I was delighted to have a new Premium member in my group. Even more heartwarming, she is taking this very seriously and has engaged me with some interesting questions. Now that is a good sign,I have not been active on WA for a couple of weeks or more and the feeling is rather strange. In some ways I feel like I have traveled to another place. Wealthy Affiliate can be very addicting. It's almost like I am goin
I wrote a Blog here on November 30th that I was going to purchase a new M1 Mac Mini. I ordered it from Amazon on November 28th during their Back Friday sale. It arrived on December 8th. This was a week earlier than promised. When I connected the external VGA monitor using the HDMI to VGA adapter that I was using with my Azus Windows computer, there was no signal. I couldn't believe it as I expected it to work. Nothing I tried seemed to work so the next day I called Apple. The manager who I spok
It has been a while since I purchased new domains. Since I had accumulated cash credits in my Wealthy Affiliate account I got the urge to spend some of it. I challenged myself to create a couple of interesting dot com domain names that would be available. Unlike past ones, I wanted to think out of the box for these. I came up with the following two and purchased them for $13.99 each. chocfullofsecretswhydothisWhat Niches That Is The QuestionI'm not sure what kind of niches I will use for these
I am so happy that Wealthy Affiliate has extended it's Black Friday offer by two extra days. I created promotions for my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Social Media Accounts using my personal Black Friday affiliate link. Let me tell you what I love about this link. It takes the visitor to Kyle's video promoting this special as well as the clock counting down in real time. Enough details are given about Premium and Premium + to whet the viewers interest. I have no idea how well this will perf
Are you looking for a computer that can edit and process video effortlessly? Until now, it could cost you a thousand dollars or more? Enter the new line of Apple Macs that have ditched the Intel processor in favor of their first Apple designed silicon for the Mac. Apple has built up tremendous experience in designing processor chips for the iPhone with great success. The OS and Processor design go hand in hand to achieve the highest efficiency possible. Users can experience this with longer bat
November 18, 2020
I wrote a blog post here recently about a novel way to tap into your home equity called the Home Equity Investment (HEI) loan. main difference between this and other home loans is the loan is repaid when you sell your home. And there are no monthly payments required. An HEI loan agreement can be made without having to change your existing mortgage. Our HEI agreement just concluded and the money was deposited into our bank accoun
Changing the Wealthy Affiliate platform so dramatically can be unnerving for some. Including me. I find it hard to navigate to the places I used to find easily before. Some things do not work smoothly, like the chat, Q &A and Screen Enlarge features during Jay's webinar this evening. What this means we are thrown out of our comfort zone with no option to get back to where we were. A Nagging QuestionIs that a good thing or bad? It depends. When change happens this is inevitable. The question
It has been an honor to be an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate for one consecutive year. I found it auspicious that my one year anniversary coincided with the roll out of the new and improved Wealthy Affiliate Platform as well as the US Presidential Election. I am going to take this as a sign that it is time for my affiliate marketing business to start developing some traction. Time To Reflect BackThis is a good time to step back and assess my progress so far. I feel I have benefited greatly fro