Sometimes The Responses Through Site Comments Can Be A Game Changer

Last Update: Mar 25, 2023

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When I requested Site Comments for the initial posts on my new PPC website, I was amazed at the quality of comments and questions I had received. They were thought-provoking and made me think hard about providing useful answers.

That is what inspired me to write this post.

There are so many factors that influence the success of our business that made me ask, what are the top three. I came across the following and want to know if you agree or not.

Three Topics That Influence Our Business The Most

I feel that if we screw up the following three, that will mess up our business. When we do them really well, success is almost guaranteed.

  1. Niche
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Content Creation

Let's look at each of these further.


Have you created one or more websites that you lost interest in? What if you devoted a lot of time to it and it was not performing like you hoped it would.

Could it be that the niche you selected was too broad? Or if narrow, was not something you were really passionate about?

Picking the right niche and knowing what audience we want to target go hand in hand. If we are crystal clear who we want to help that is connected to our passions or/and our knowledge, that will help us narrow down the niche we should target.

Now that we have the niche research tool in Wealthy Affiliate, this should make this job easier. When used with AI, that can be a game changer.

It is well worth the time to picking the right niche for our business. The true measure that you are helping people in your target audience is the sales you generate.

But, it takes more than selecting the right niche to get to that point.

Keyword Research

Kyle as well as the Super Affiliates, and not to forget Partha, all tell us that the secret to being ranked high is using Keyword Research effectively. It is the title of our posts that includes the keywords from our research that contributes towards our search engine rank.

I think it is fair to say that if we screw up using the right Keyword, writing a fantastic post will not realize its full potential. There is a chance that the embedded keywords in your post could help your rank. But why rely on chance?

In 2023 the expert classes in Wealthy Affiliate have taken Keyword Research training to the next level and beyond. Even the blog posts that discuss this topic, especially from Partha, provide us with a wealth of information to use in our keyword research efforts.

There is a catch. We must review these lessons many times to make sure we understand the process enough to do our own keyword research effectively.

Since AI has exploded onto the scene, we now have this tool to amplify our results. Exponential growth is occurring in this area and it is up to us to keep up with the latest developments.

Content Creation

What is the fundamental goal of writing content? To help our readers make a buying decision that helps them to meet a need or resolve a pressing problem they have.

I am sure you know what we must do to achieve this goal. We have to know our audience extremely deeply. What if you physically met individuals who may be interested in the products in your niche. And had a conversation with them about their needs. Wouldn't that be a great help?

The traditional way of finding out these answers was to check out forums, query Google and listen to what people are saying on social media. All of these are still important things to do.

Now we have another not so secret weapon. AI off course. But hold on for a minute. This approach may not be as simple as we would like to think.

AI Can Help

As the saying used to go working with computers, garbage in, garbage out. The same can be said about AI. Badly structured prompts will not give us the results we want.

Notice that I am not using AI in the context of writing content. Instead, my focus is on the step before. Finding out as much as we can about our target audience by using the most effective prompts in AI.

We at Wealthy Affiliate are extremely fortunate in this regard. Kyle as well as other members are doing a lot of research in this area and are sharing the results with us in posts, classes and training.

Become a sponge and read everything you can on how to structure the prompts in AI. Kyle has had a series of classes on how to use AI in our business. Scorpio has written some great posts on this. There are others who are also working on this and sharing their experience with the WA members.

Once you know who your audience is intimately AI can be used to create content. Never use the results AI spits out word for word.

Read the output and make it your own. Give it life. Make it sound real.

Closing Thoughts

When I start of writing a post like this it also helps me too. My thought process evolves as I write. I have not planned the details of what I write until I am in the act of writing.

Hence, I may have overlooked one or more critical points. If you see that, please comment in the discussion section below.

When you request Site Comments, pay close attention to the comments you receive. The quality of comments has risen so much compared to say a couple of years ago. At least that has been my experience.

You might as well benefit from them.

I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing business.

Oh, and just one more thing. This complete article was written word for word by AI.



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You are such a classic writer. Your words flow fluidly like a curtain after a musical concert, at least for me. I agree with what you presented in this blog, and I love the way you break it down in 3 parts.

ChatGPT is an amazing tool; especially when it is fed the right prompts. That is where the best results will appear. It will require a learning curve and will become easier to use over time.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.


Hi Rachele.

Glad you like this post and my writing style. It is high time I take this seriously.

I have started a new website to write my personal stories. So far I have only written 4 posts, the last in July 2022. When I checked my rank, they all ranked on Page 1 of all the search engines a couple on Rank 1. I feel it is my storytelling style that has helped me achieve these rankings.

When I stated I should take this seriously I meant I should write more posts on this website and regularly.

You have inspired me to take that action.

All the best to you.



Wow! Edwin

You definitely have what it takes to land on page 1 of Google.
It is your incredible writing style. This your natural gift.
Keep inspiring and doing what you do best.


Very well said, Edwin. I agree with you - I do find myself going back over the keyword research over and over so that I can use the keywords more effectively.

Learning my audience was the challenge for me, and maybe because, I was writing to everyone, and not a targeted audience.

So, now that I have narrowed it down, I am learning how much more effective it can be. Content is even easier to write. So, I agree with you on this as well, we must learn our audience deeply.

By the way, thank you for mentioning Kyle Al's classes; I need to watch them and implement them. I wish you all the best and continued success. Thanks for sharing this post.


Hi Lakisha,

Thanks so much for your appreciation of my message. Nice to know you also have had similar conclusions and that after narrowing down your target audience it has helped you.

All the best to you.



Hi, Edwin

Yes, I agree with you regarding the importance of these three topics.

The niche selection is usually a one-time thing, unless someone wants to add another website.
That leaves keyword research and content creation.

I find that it’s important to write on a topic I’m interested in on that particular day.

Therefore when I go to my list of keywords, I don’t automatically take the next one on the top of the spreadsheet.

I have a look through and select one that “suits my fancy.” If I scan my list of over 200 keywords and I don’t see something that grabs me, I look through some guitar magazines or jump into one of the guitar forums.

Although this is the “less efficient” way of doing it, I find that it significantly enhances the quality of what I write.

That’s why I don’t “set timers” or anything like that when I work on my site. If it feels too much like a drudgery or rushed then the quality of my work suffers.

I realize that it can depend on each person’s situation and aspirations. I’m not trying to use affiliate marketing to replace a full-time income, etc., so there’s no “success urgency” to factor in.

It’s more of a musician’s mindset, I guess. 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank,

I can relate to your logic regarding content creation. I also do not write according to a keyword list. Keeping it fun is what I love about affiliate marketing.

All the best to you.


Thanks, Edwin!

Enjoy your Sunday! 😎
Frank 🎸

Edwin, I’ve avoided SiteComments and SiteFeedback for four years now. I have no intention of using them at all, despite what you say. I have to pay for it. Im not willing to do any of that. Also, it is so time-consuming even to give comments when all they do is reject them, making it hard for me to get the credits. I can’t get the credits so I’m forced to pay for it for what? To get lousy low-quality comments. No thanks. I have better use for my time which is creating content. Thats it. I am glad your experience with SiteComments is more favorable than mine.

Hi Brenda,

Sorry to hear your experience with Siute Comments has been negative. When I first started giving Site Comments I had so many rejections. It took me a while to learn what Site Comments are. It has nothing to do with helping the author to improve. That is. the purview of Site Feeback.

Site comments are quite easy. We read what aspects the author wants comments on. And we only stick to the topic. Not how it was written. For example, if there are a whole bunch of grammar and spelling mistakes, we have to grit our teeth and ignore that.

I have not given site comments in quite a while. Since I have accumulated a lot of credits I am using these up in requesting site comments. Like you, I am spending my time more on writing content. When I see my credits getting low I will resume building that up by giving more site comments.

One thing that you stated puzzled me. You mentioned having to pay for site comments. Do you mean using credits for requesting site comments? I just want to make sure that's what you meant and not something else.

Thanks for commenting, I loved your comments on my blog posts.



Hi, Edwin; because of the rejections, I don't earn credits, so if I want to use SiteComments, I have to buy it. I had to waste so much time reading and then giving comments specifically on what the blogger asked for. I followed it to the letter. They rejected my comments. That pissed me off. I worked hard at taking the time to give high-quality comments, yet got rejected which is why I lost the credits. I don't have enough to ask it to get comments for my new site with my new domain now; therefore, I have to purchase the credits. Did you not see that prompt that says buy credits?

Here is the link
Twenty credits for ten bucks, 40 credits is 20 bucks.

Now, do you get it?

I did buy before lost ten bucks for nothing because people gave me low quality comments, this was on my first site which I no longer have, I trashed that site. They were written in bad English and copy and pasters commenters. They didn't even bother to read so my ten bucks went out the window.

I wasn't going to waste a lot of time trying to edit and get it approved when the commenter didn't read the topic and made a lot of comments that made zero sense. I am not going to do this ever again. Some say it's improved, others say it isn't improved their comments, they get rejected so f it understand me?

Hi Brenda

Now that you mentioned it I do remember that members can buy credit. I'd never done it so I had forgotten. Thanks for reminding me. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy credits to request site comments.

In the big scheme of things, the best site comments we can get are those that occur naturally from traffic responding to our CTA requesting comments.

You have done the right thing in walking away from Site Comments. It has been nothing but grief for you. I am so sorry about that.

Keep focusing on your new website. PPC doesn't need comments on our site to work. That is a good thing.

I wish you much success in your new direction.



Thanks, Edwin! I appreciate you listening to me. Thanks for understanding what I went through. I am glad that I am not using them. Yes writing content is the best for me at this time.

Hi Edwin,

Thank you for the post. It will definitely serve as a swift kick in the butt.

You already have comments on your PPC site?

In that case, I am waaay behind, lol.
I have barely gotten my research side done and the logo built and on the site.

But then again, the research takes the longest. At least for me.

Way to go!
Have a wonderful day!

Hi Cathy,

Please do not compare your progress with others. We all progress at our own pace and that is OK. Just do your best. Kyle has given us a month between classes so take your. time to do the best job you can.

Thanks for your supportive comments.



Hi Edwin,

I was not too serious about being behind, lol. But I am still working on it.

Have a wonderful day!

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