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Last Update: Nov 7, 2020

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Changing the Wealthy Affiliate platform so dramatically can be unnerving for some. Including me. I find it hard to navigate to the places I used to find easily before. Some things do not work smoothly, like the chat, Q &A and Screen Enlarge features during Jay's webinar this evening.

What this means we are thrown out of our comfort zone with no option to get back to where we were.

A Nagging Question

Is that a good thing or bad? It depends.

When change happens this is inevitable. The question that must be asked is, when all the issues are solved, will the new platform help us to build our businesses better and faster?

I discovered my answer today. And it has all to do with the Premium + Package. Let me explain what jumped out at me. It was like finding GOLD!

When I reviewed the Premium training given my the Super Affiliates I noticed that we have the amazing option of learning firsthand what they did to achieve success through new webinars and training they will be giving.

The Folllwing Is A List Of 62 Wealthy Super Affiliates Scheduled Webinars Through March 2021 for Premium Plus members. These take place Monday to Thursday.


  • IntroductionnTo Popular Keyword Research Tools
  • Social Media Research
  • "Series Method Of Publishing"
  • How To Not Cannibalize" Keywords
  • How To Not "Cannibalize" Kwywords
  • Product Reviews
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Side By Side Comparisons
  • Expert Roundups
  • Improving Your Old Images With Snagit And Canva
  • Improving UX and Add A Table Of Contents
  • Otimizing On Page Topics With Search Console
  • Improve Internal And External Linking (GA)

Tim McKinlay

  • The Foundation Of Hiring A Writer Successfully
  • Attracting Talented Writers and Shortlisting Candidates
  • Hiring Your Writer And Getting Them Rolling
  • Providing Feedback, Providing ROI and Amplifying Results
  • Using A Niche Website To Sell Your Own Products
  • Creating A Professional Looking Brand Website
  • Adding Products And Attracting Buyers To Your Brand Website
  • Increasing Sales And Revenue Through Email Marketing
  • Creating Your 12 Month Super Affiliate Game Plan
  • Increasing Sales By Optimizing Elements On Your Site
  • Increasing Sales By Optimizing Elements Within WA


  • How To Do Market Research on YouTube
  • Branding Your Channel And Creating Bumpers
  • How To Become An Authority Channel
  • Creating Your Channel Trailer
  • How To Choose A Niche For Your YouTube Channel
  • How To Plan Out Your Content
  • Creating A Brochure Site Resource Page
  • Getting Approved For The YouTube Partner Program
  • Using Your Influence To Earn More Income
  • How To Land Sponsorship
  • How To Sell Merchandise
  • Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs
  • Creating Your Own Digital Product
  • How To Go Full Time On YouTube


  • How To Choose A Profitable Niche And Bank On It
  • How To Find Countless Niche Ideas And Their Income Potential
  • Case Studies Of Successful Niche Sites (10 Examples)
  • How To Use WA Training To Maximize Your Niche's Success
  • How To Scale Your Niche Site Success And Online Business
  • Introduction to Bing Ads and PPC and How It's A Goldmine
  • How to Build Landing Pages That Convert With Bing Ads
  • Making Your First Bing Ad, Replicating Success And Scaling

Can you imagine what it would cost to get this level of hands on training independently? Here we can learn from fellow Super Affiliate members who have and continue to have great success. As Kyle Stated, their training is based on their personal experience.

I imagine they will share with us what worked and didn't work for them that can save us a great deal of time in our own efforts to create these opportunities.

Webinar Schedules

You can check out the scheduled dates for these webinars via the Classes tab at the top menu and clicking on the dates of the calendar at the right.

Besides these Premium Plus Webinars given by our Super Affiliates, Kyle and Jay are also giving Premium Plus Webinars on other amazing topics. Since this above list of webinars is so long I will create another blog that highlights live Premium Plus webinars given by our co-founder Kyle and Wealthy Affiliate Live Training Coach,Jay Neill.

I want to stress that the Friday Webinars by Jay continue to be scheduled for Premium Members.

Is It Worth Upgrading To Premium + ?

When I first saw the price tag of Premium Plus my heart sank. The price tag was more than what I could afford.

At that time I hadn't explored the new Premium Plus training. All I knew was what Kyle described in his introductory video. After I did some exploring myself, I felt that I had discovered GOLD!

As soon as I am able to save the funds required I will upgrade to Premium Plus. The combination of these value packed live webinars and Jaaxy Enterprise are well worth the added expense.

My Path To Upgrading

I feel that I need to focus on using the Premium package I currently subscribe to boost my traffic from where it is now. Hopefully once my traffic has increased with corresponding sales, I will jump on to Premium Plus. I will be missing the $200 early discount of course. And that is fine with me.

At the beginning I asked is it a good or bad thing to have to go through the pains of the transition to the new system while all the glitches are worked on and removed.

After evaluating where this new platform is taking us, I feel that it is definitely worth the initial inconvenience knowing what the future potential is.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts on then training on steroids listed above.



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Recent Comments


Thank you for so clearly explaining your thought process regarding this new Premium Plus, which I'm only now finding out about. I saw emails but not the actual price & was not aware the discount offer would expire so soon. I've been an annual Premium member since Black Friday last year when I *finally* was able to come up with the money after years of several false starts ... and then the pandemic hit. It set my life on a totally different course of battles that had to be dealt with, so I could not give WA even a little bit of time all year!

My heart sank too when I saw the new price tag for the Plus plan! After all, even $300 at one point had seemed steep. I think the Plus will probably be good IF I make progress on the regular Premium first. Your thoughts here have helped me realize that timing is everything & right now it's probably better for me to stay where I'm at & try to make the most of the training Premium already has.

I used to like the "interactive" look of the WA site from before, and not sure I really like the new look. It feels somewhat "flat" to me and a little too much of a white background everywhere. So no, I'm not one of the people who likes change much either, especially when I was already far behind, but looking to catch up! Thank you for helping me feel it is okay to stay at the pace where I'm at & utilize the tools I have now. If I am able to make some money within the next 6 months doing this, perhaps then it will be a better time for me to invest in the more expensive plan. Cheers! :)

Hi Details,

Good decision! One of the members shared a screenshot of Premium Plus and it had less white in it. I preferred the look of Premium Plus compared to the new Premium.

When I am ready to upgrade I feel that will be another benefit. It's all about the timing though.

Thanks for commenting.


I am annoyed for this change because as you say hard to navigate and so on. I still have so....... many things to learn from premium but my time is wasted for this change. In my point of view, WA is selling a dream. If a person can not generate income from premium, plus does not work either. But having a dream in one's life is not bad. Your plan to upgrading is very sensible.

Hi, are you a free member? You are smart to join the community before you go on premium. It will help you to make a right decision for you.

Thanks for your comments Tomoko.


Hi Edwin, understand your logic, as things stand can just about afford my grandfathered fee, but do note your advice.
Stuart (Edwin)

Hi Stuart,

This year I upgraded to yearly in March for $359. Then when the last offer for the $299 upgrade was offered in May I took it. This means that I won't have to pay until March 2022. Also, I already have the option of 50 websites, 25 with personal domain names and 25 with Siterubix.

Everything I need to learn is on the Premium site. So no plans to upgrade in the near future just like you.

My goal is to work on my website to make it successful. I know I will upgrade later because I want to learn from the Super Affiliates who are on the new training team.

Thanks for commenting.


Two great minds, must be Edwins'. lol.

Hi Edwin,

Yes, you are right. If you compare all the good things (training/webinars)you will get in premium plus vs the price, it is actually worth it, plus you get the most friendly keyword research tools - Jaaxy! That is even better.

At the moment the price is more than I can budget, but as you mentioned in your post - it does not mean I will let the gold mine past by 😀.

I am throwing all the rubbers to the wall at the moment, hopefully something is stick to the wall, so I can built traffics, and get my business income up...

Thank you for great article...


Hi Kiki,

Thanks for sharing your views. I don't think there is not wrong decision whether to upgrade or not. I am looking forward to making my website a success before I upgrade to learn how to scale it up.



I agree 💯 percent with your sentiments. You also get additional websites, should you need them and is it worth contemplating using these as redirection/ lead generation sites - possibly. It is overwhelming, both the amount to be done and the potential.
I’m blessed that I’m able and I’ve dived in with both feet and given myself a year to learn to fly with the eagles.
Your writing and thoughts are amazing and I always enjoy being part of your journey.
Keep up the amazing work

Hi Peter,

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your supportive comments.



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