Life After Ambassadorship

Last Update: January 10, 2021

After being a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador for over a year, my feelings are ambivalent not being one.

I do not feel any obligation to visit Wealthy Affiliate as often as I used to. And that is new territory for me. It means that I do not follow the posts of others and learn from them. It follows that I do not leave comments either. Do I miss it? Yes I do!

There was a routine I had developed that provided a most enjoyable way of life online. But that also resulted in not spending as much time on my business as I should.

Other Pursuits

Besides Affiliate Marketing I also earned the position of a Forex Trader for a company where I trade using their money. I keep a percentage of the profits I make and they keep the rest. It is great not to risk my own money. The company still owns the capital.

As I keep making more winning trades and my account keeps being positive, they will keep increasing the trading account assigned to me up to a maximum of $250,000. It will take a few years to graduate up to this level. The key is to keep making small percentage profits consistently. As ones capital increases, these same small percentages will yield increasing income.

This Is A Different World

You may wonder what happens if I loose money. They expect that to happen. As long as my trajectory is upwards.

I trade using their software that has safeguards built in to protect their capital. It automatically stops a trader out to minimize any loss. In that situation they suspend trading activity for a day so that one can evaluate what they did wrong and make corrections.

This is a good thing is I do not have to make up any losses myself. If my trading account goes below the funded level, I do not get paid until I bring that back up to par.

I now have time to strengthen my trading skills to justify being assigned larger accounts. The company liked my results so far and doubled my funded account in the New Year. Since I only spend two to three hours on this activity I have sufficient time to devote to my business website.

Trading currencies is tough and it is NOT for most people. It requires a great deal of training and working on demo accounts before using real money. You start small and gradually work your way up. My advice it not to do it unless you are willing to go through extensive training and can take your emotions out of trading.

Updated All In One SEO

Now that the All In One SEO has changed, I can build a brand new website and learn to navigate this revised tool to help me optimize my posts on my existing website. Jay's recent webinar was very helpful to me and I am sure to many others too.

I am also using the extra time to review my old posts to see which ones have performed the best and write new ones that are in that genre. Plus, I am also optimizing old posts to improve the SEO performance of these.

Other Goals

One of my goals is to attract more referrals and help them build their own Affiliate Marketing business.

The other is to create a brand new website that does not promote Wealtjy Affiliate. I need that experience to diversify my efforts.

Hence, I am grateful that I had the experience of being an Ambassador for over a year. That experience was invaluable in giving me a broader perspective of making money online.

I will continue to keep in touch with my friends here, but in a limited capacity.

Keep up the good work and make a lot of progress in your affiliate marketing business.



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AlexEvans Premium
Good to see you Edwin and I am pleased to hear that you are doing well. The Forex trading sounds incredibly interesting.

We all have to find and create our own space in the online world. It is continually changing and we need to adapt to remain relavent.

Best wishes as you continue to grow your online presence in 2021

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Alex,

So glad to hear from you too. Since I am retired I have more time than most members to devote to other projects in addition to Affiliate Marketing.

My main focus is my website though. It takes me a lot of effort to write content as well as update old ones. The name of the game is more traffic.

I also have investments in Cryptos and stocks which are fortunately doing well at the moment. It's all about having multiple streams of income.

I do spend time on WA but more in the area of training and writing content. I haven't upgraded to Premium +. I will do so when I develop a regular income stream from my efforts from the Premium education.

All the best to you.

MelWaller Premium
Good to hear from you Edwin!

Diversification of income is very important to financial freedom.

Yes, change is always a constant in life, but in order to grow we must change also. I'm still active on WA, but we have lost members who were active before also, but they needed to tend to things in the physical world. Perhaps some day they will visit us again.

To Your Success!

EdwinBernard Premium
So happy to hear from you Mel. Since I am retired and have pensions, this gives me the freedom to diversify my efforts. However, Affiliate Marketing is my main focus. I am still struggling with building sufficient organic traffic to win referrals. This is a good problem to have and focus on.

I can understand why members drop out. Writing three articles a week consistently is not easy. I also struggle with that. But that is the only way to build up traffic organically.

I wish you much success too Mel.


philmedia Premium Plus
Lovely to hear from you Edwin as you have always been so supportive. You don't have to be an ambassador to help. I just can't be one my diary won't allow it . All the best Edwin and don't be a stranger you have lots to offer here all the best Phil
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Phil,

So happy to hear you make that comment. I will take your suggestion seriously. My goal is to report on my successes and failures as I go along this online business building pathway.

Since I am retired and live on pension income, just about, I have an incentive to create added streams of income. It is fascinating what we can do using our computers.

Just think, all those individuals making a fortune online are using similar computers we are using. If they can do it so can we. It is a matter of hard work and time.

I wish you much success in your online ventures.

Rich908 Premium
Ambassadors play a vital role in the WA community. Always willing to help many have come to my aid and still do when I am stuck. All you have to do is ask! ask!
EdwinBernard Premium
Hoi Rich,

You got the right idea. When I was an Ambassador for consecutive 380 days I enjoyed helping others as well as asking for help. We all can learn from others.

Right now my focus is to build more traffic on my website using the skills I have learned and continue to learn in WA.

I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.

Rich908 Premium
wishing you every success on your business
Wellbeing38 Premium
Every best wish my friend
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Trevor,

I appreciate your good wishes. Same to you too.