If If You Have The Opportunity To Experience Luxury Before You Can Afford It Is That OK?

Last Update: Sep 30, 2022

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Last weekend my wife registered into a luxury hotel for a special event. She was going to be invested into a 900-year old older as a member. It was a grand affair that culminated with a ball. The ladies wore ball gowns and the gentlemen wore white tie tux with tails.

The hotel lobby looked exclusive. A large spectacular flower arrangement was the focal point with chairs around it. Marble floored corridors and sumptuously appointed lounges exuded luxury.

The Surprise

The organization had booked a block of rooms that were offered to the members at a discounted price. When my wife and I opened the door to the hotel room, our jaw dropped.

Instead of a regular room, we were assigned a suite! The cover picture above shows the view of the living room from the bedroom. The bathroom had a large, fancy shower as well as a large bathtub. There were double sinks and a private toilet with its own door.

The mountain views from the bedroom French Windows were spectacular. Bay windows adorned the living room.

Was There A Mistake In The Booking?

We knew that the cost of such a suite was almost $1000 a night. If we were charged that at check out that would be very embarrassing. So we went to the front desk to tell them that there must have been a mistake.

Not so they responded. The hotel had run out of regular single bedrooms and we were assigned a suite at no additional cost!

So my friends, we had the opportunity of experiencing an amazing hotel suite at a price we had expected.

My Question

If You Have The Opportunity To Experience Luxury Before You Can Afford It Is That OK? Absolutely. And here's why.

Wouldn't't it be fantastic to afford to live in luxury without worrying about it? Like first class travel to amazing resorts in exotic locations around the world?

Yes we can when the hard work we apply towards building a successful business pay off big time.

There are so many members in Wealthy Affiliate who are already experiencing this life style. Wouldn't it be awesome to join those ranks?

In fact, in the affiliate marketing field outside Wealthy Affiliate, there are countless individuals who have made this business model do wonders for them.

Would You Like To Live The Life Of Luxury And Not Worry About The Cost?

I would think you would. So those of us who are not there yet, should get cracking and take consistent action.

Let me share with you a secret. In my professional life before retiring, I enjoyed the privileges of traveling in business class and occasionally first class all over the world. Often I took my wife with me and we tacked on vacations that paid for the bulk of the cost.

We kind of got used to staying in fancy hotels and enjoying great meals. That all came to an end after I lost my job just before the great recession.

I wish I had discovered Wealthy Affiliate back then in 2008. But better late then never.

Having experienced a life of luxury, I want to repeat that while our health is still pretty good.

Hence, my answer to the question I asked you be a resounding YES!

I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey. And may you experience the life of luxury you deserve.

Let's raise our glasses and toast to that.


P.S. The pictures are not the full sizes that I wanted to show. The WA Blog Editor Image import system has a mind of its own and doesn't let me select the whole picture to insert. Hence, what you see are truncated versions. I am hopeful that Carson is aware of this issue and is working to fix it.

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Recent Comments


Hi Edwin,

The photo of the luxury hotel looks so lovely and wealthy. I am glad you and your wife did not have to pay for that luxury suite.

I believe there were only a few times in my travels when I was younger was given some luxuries that I could not afford.

My parents sent me to a higher education high school in Washington, DC, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During the holidays and summers, I would fly back and forth from MSP (Minneapolis, St. Paul International Airport) to DCA, Washington, DC (named after Ronald Regan, our former USA President). Sometimes I would fly NorthWest Airlines, United Airlines, or TWA to Chicago for a layover if I could not fly non-stop.

Chicago got hit by a terrible snowstorm during the Holidays season near Christmas time. The airlines paid for my hotel stay. I was stuck there for more than three days, and everything was paid for. It was an actual fancy hotel, one of those high-rise Hilton hotels. At least I was safe, but I was a minor. The hotel staff provided for my needs until it was safe to fly from Chicago to Minneapolis.

A few other times in my young adulthood, I had to stay in a luxury hotel that was not paid for by me, but the airlines covered it both in Pittsburgh and Chicago. Usually, that happens in the wintertime.

Now the airlines no longer do this. I had to pay for everything, including paying for luggage. I learned to travel lightly with a carry-on.

The airlines have changed a lot since Regan Administration disfranchised the airline industry.

Hello Brenda,

I haven't flown in a while and I was inconvenienced by the airlines to require a stayover. I wouldn't want to be in that situation today.

Thanks for your comments.


A nice blog Edwin. I toast this in honor of everyone here at WA.

I have experienced luxury as a teenager, living in a Chateau in Geneva , Switzerland. Dad driving us in the Bentley. I loved it. Then things changed. So, I have had a taste of it and want it again.

I'm very active in my Spiritual path but I have accepted and it's okay too. That I like money and the more I have the more I can do for others as well as my family.

Hard work does pay off, handsomely too.

Back to work I go a brick at a time happily so.

Thanks for the memories Edwin!

Hello David,

Now that’s one thing I’ve never done. Riding in a Bentley. The closest to being in a luxury car was when I bought a used Mercedes E Class vehicle in 2004.

Life is best when it’s balanced with being spiritual too. Glad you brought that up.

I also love giving money away to help others. As I make more, others will also benefit too. Just like you stated.

All the best to you David.


Well... I am certainly with you there Edwin, and my answer to your initial question would be a resounding YES as well!!

I have been privileged to be able to stay in some top notch accommodation over the years on my travels... admittedly some of which we paid for, but on certain occasions a surprise upgrade to a luxury suite or two were most unexpected and very welcome!

We need to do the best with each hand we are dealt my friend...

But I totally agree that here with WA we all have the chance to be able to live a life of luxury (if one so wishes to do so)..

As everything we need to succeed is right at our fingertips... it is up to us to use what we have to the best of our abilities and of course... put in the necessary hard work!!

Have a fantastic start to the weekend my friend!

Hi Nick,

Thanks fo much for your positive response. So happy to hear that you also have had some unexpectedly wonderful experiences with hotels and travel. When we don't expect something, the enjoyment is so much better.



You're always most welcome my friend!!

I won't go into the horrors I have also experienced as well at this time...these experiences will have to wait for a different time!!

Take care my friend and have a fantastic weekend ok!!!

Hi, Edwin

I totally agree with you!

What’s wrong with a little honest luxury in our lives? Absolutely nothing, especially for those that work hard!

Work hard, play harder, has always been my motto. I’ve certainly done both and enjoyed every minute of it!

Like you, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to exotic places and stay in luxurious settings, whenever my work took me there.

Soon I’ll be entering the phase of my life where all travel will revolve around our vacation plans.

We only get some many opportunities to sample the good things in life so we have to take advantage of each one! 😎


Yes indeed Frank. When we take advantage of great opportunities that get presented to us, that gives a fantastic feeling of satisfaction.

Since retiring, most of our travel was influenced by vacations and visiting family.

My wife and I have an unwritten rule that when we visit family, we go by ourselves. This also gives us time to be by ourselves for a while. It’s worked out great!

All the best to you Frank.


Those are really smart travel plans, Edwin! 👍

It so challenging to get high-quality alone-time these days.

Hi Frank,

I'm sure you're finding solutions for that. I was able to convince my wife that my efforts in affiliate marketing will pay off as long as I do the work consistently. When she sees me goofing off she tells me shouldn't I be working? I love it ha!



Nice move, Edwin! 👍😎

I've had the same problems with the images since the upgrade, Edwin! We can only keep our fingers crossed that the image issues will be solved.

As for the luxury accommodations, Good on you! A little too much for me, it doesn't take a whole lot to satisfy, I just want to get by at this point, as I'm sure you were in the Great Recession! I think Round Two is already here for that!

Seize these opportunities while you still can.

Keep succeeding, my friend! Happy Frisatsu!


Hello Jeff,

I love your attitude. It doesn’t take a lot to please me too. Anything extra is like icing on the cake.

It’s reassuring to know that others are also having image issues. When Carson responded to my question he wasn’t aware there was this problem, I hope he does now and fixes it soon.

All the best Jeff.


Well, I'm not sure why that was, Edwin! People, myself included, have been complaining about it from day 1!

Happy Frisatsu!


Oh yes, it's Frisatsu Day. I love it!



It is, indeed, Edwin! Enjoy yours!


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