Have You Had This Experience With Your Blog Posts?

Last Update: January 21, 2020

When you check for the rank of your post using the Site Rank tool on Jaaxy do you only use the keyword based title?

Or do you also try using the subtitles and even mixing up your original title to see what changes in rank you can get?

If you have attended any of Jay Neil's webinars on SEO and ranking, you will have seen Jay state that your blog posts can get ranked for many other phrases (keywords) within your article besides your title. This Blog Post will demonstrate this significance when you consider the rank of your post.

Every article ranks. It may not be on the 1st page but it will be there on a subsequent page. In this article I am only addressing the rankings that appear on the 1st page of the search engines.

No Keyword Rank

I wrote a review about My Lead Systems Pro a while back. The title was

My Lead System Pro, A Review

The Jaaxy Keyword Research gave the following result:

The Jaaxy Site Rank showed no 1st page rank as follows:

A big zero for all three search engines. But when I entered a sub title into the Jaaxy Keyword Research this is what I got:

Sub Title: Why I Joined And Later Decided MLSP Was Not For Me

Ranking Result:

Notice that it came up as #1 in Google and Yahoo. But on another page on Bing. The strange thing was when I entered this phrase into the Jaaxy Keyword Research window I got < 10 for the Avg. Traffic and zero for QSR.

Let's be frank. Nobody is going to enter this phrase into a search engine. Hence, this particular result is academic. However, the point I want to make is there may be other phrases that someone may enter into the search engines that will result in a first page pop up. Don't despair if your Keyword doesn't rank after you publish your article.

Article Rank Change Example

In this example I will show how a title that does rank on page 1 but not in the 1st slot, can end up as #1 if you mix your title around.

Article Title: The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Result I originally got was as follows:

After I published my article I got the following rank using the Jaaxy Site Rank tool:

Not bad with a 1-2-1 ranking result in Google, Bing and Yahoo respectively. After changing the words to: Training In Affiliate Marketing That Best Turns Beginners Into Pros

This keyword phrase hit the #1 slot in all three search engines. The point here is by making a slight change in the phrase, your article could move up in the rankings.

What Does This All Mean?

Firstly, will the keyword you used for your article be what a person will use in the search engines? If it isn't, then getting ranked high doesn't really help you.

On the flip side, there may be other keywords buried within your article that are worthy of someone entering into the search engines. And they could result in ranking your article higher.

The Critical Take Away

Getting ranked high is only the first step towards getting conversions. What must follow is significant and regular traffic to your posts.

Newbies like me need to do other things to direct traffic since it will be awhile before the search engines will consider our sites as Authority sites and send traffic there using their algorithms. These other things are to use social media to help.

I have seen many experienced members on WA emphasize that after we publish a new blog post, we should go to our Social Media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others to write a few words to introduce our post followed by a link.

This is an important way to not only send traffic but also to build our brand so that these same visitors will return to see what new posts we may have published. To not disappoint, it is critical that we publish posts not only often, but also on set days and times if possible.

Follow The Training

Wealthy Affiliate lessons train us to do all of this. We know that it is a process that others before us have proven to work. Instead of getting disheartened when we see our traffic is low, we should expect that initially and follow the training.

Since I hit 50 posts on my website I have noticed more of my articles are ranking on page 1. And I have done very little in using Social Media as stated above. Knowing that In have loads of room to improve my rankings as well as traffic, gives me a great feeling.

Closing Thoughts - A Word of Caution

@Neil Patel, the intrepid entrepreneur that I like to call him, in one of his #blog posts stated that we must make sure that we do not write and publish articles that are very similar to each other. When we have Make Money Online as our niche, there is a greater danger this can happen compared to other niches.

After reading that I went and checked out all my posts and was aghast how this applied to me. All my instructional posts are grouped together under a menu called Tutorial. These titles are prefaced predominantly by the words How and What. I discovered several of these articles cover similar ground.

Like, "How To Choose A Niche In Affiliate Marketing" and "Ideas In Affiliate Marketing".

When Google sees this, confusion reigns. My posts are competing with each other. Guess what happens. The rankings are terrible. In this group of articles very few are ranked on page 1.

There is another factor at play. There are those who are recognized by the search engines as being authorities in this area. They will be the ones who will get ranked higher as well as get more traffic.

Neil recommended that rather than having several articles touching the same topic, to combine them into fewer articles and do a better job in On Page SEO. Just like is taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. It was reassuring to see another expert like Neil say the same thing. And why wouldn't he?

I sincerely hope that other newbies who read this will be able to gain something from my experiences. Please let me know what you think in the discussion area below.

As always, I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.

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Padmas Premium
Getting traffic is as important as ranking high for keywords. Ranking for multiple keywords is always nice and I'll start monitoring for this in my posts.

Writing longer posts such that my posts do not compete with one another makes a lot of sense. I'll re-visit Neil Patel's site more frequently , there's so much to learn and I've not been there lately.

Thank you all the learning in your informative post Edwin!
EdwinBernard Premium
Glad you liked my article. It's all one big learning experience.

All the best to you.

EHozubin Premium
I am getting closer everyday to thinking that Ranking in Google might have a lot to due with how you our communicating with your audience, As of yesterday I had 3 Posts and 2 pages published (even though my internal system doesn't say so) All 5 have been indexed by google. People have told me that I am not talking to my audience but I am. My target is college students and graduate students. Also English as a second language user. Also those were indexed in a week or so after publishing. They were all published with the low hanging fruit concept.Best to you Edwin.
EdwinBernard Premium
Congrats on your successes Edward. You have a great niche. I wish you even greater success.


Kickbacked Premium
Hi Edwin

I will!

Have been following Neil for about a year now as well as some other prominent entrepeneurs.

Am reading some other books also which follow some of their methods, like Neil, as well in addition to the WA training.

I have found after going through the training more than once, after reading some of these articles, I have gleaned something new in the process which I have not thought about before!

Enjoy your posts!

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Tim,
Glad to hear you're a student of this industry always willing to learn more. Thanks for sharing and your supportive comments.


Kickbacked Premium
If we are not learning, we become stagnant!

Have a great week Edwin!

cb59 Premium
Hi Edwin,
This has been well organized with logical thought process. You have done an excellent job by being very informative and resourceful. I truly think that you have created an amazing post, which conveys the message taught and learned with your sense of creativity.
Great piece of work!
EdwinBernard Premium

It's responses like yours that make the effort worthwhile. Thanks for your wonderful comments.

All the best to you.

TELEX2019 Premium
Ambassador Edwin,
The article resonates with me on so many points.
1. I am a Newbie
2. I use very little Social Media though I am changing that day after day
3. I have witnessed Rankings on Non Targeted keywords, many actually
And finally, I am in the vicinity of 50 articles and I can clearly see Momentum in rankings.
My 2 cents to all newbies, really start with very low competition keywords.
I know training says below 100, but by my experience starts with less than 50 QSR and here is the nugget:
Rank which ones to do first based on SEO Power. 95 and above SEO Power and QSR below 50 is What is working wonders in my particular niche.
I wrote great posts with SEO power in high 80s because of their high Volumes, they are not doing so well.
One Google trust increases, it is okay to go with higher QSR because internal linking within your articles will pull up the lower ranked ones.

Thank you for sharing this Sir.
EdwinBernard Premium
You totally make sense. Thanks for your well thought out response. I know you will do very well because you are a good thinker.

All the best to you.

TELEX2019 Premium
I appreciate tat Sir.