Countries Excluded From Free Starter Member - Complete List

Last Update: April 13, 2020

For WA friends who are doing boot camp training,

If you have visitors to your site seeking your help because they are not able to join as FREE Starter Member like myself a few days ago, please note the following complete list of excluded countries below.

As of Apr 2019 (verified by Loes with Kyle),

  1. Nigeria

According to Kyle, there are a lot of fraud and spam from these countries. To protect the community in WA, the above countries are excluded currently.

However, people from these countries are able to join WA as premium members directly (no discount on the first month) if they are really serious about learning from WA.

Update: Feb 2017

A visitor from Kenya visited my website and informed me that he was not able to join the free Starter Membership too. I have updated the list.

Update: Apr 2018

GaryHorton updated that a visitor from Ghana cannot join the free Starter Membership. Thanks Gary!

Update: Jul 2018

DianneH updated that someone from Morocco cannot join the free Starter Membership. Thanks Dianne!

Update: Apr 2019

Thanks Loes!

I hope this will help you.

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AllynBeekman Premium
Excellent information to be aware of. Thanks much.
lozza1234 Premium
thank you Edtay
ferdie1259 Premium
In addition to the above, Egypt is also included.

Update 2 :- Wealthy Affiliate banned more countries to join as free members due to continuously hacking and cheating problem from those countries. Now members from seven countries (India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt) can't join as free member in WA. However, they can still join as premium member in WA.
edtay78 Premium
Noted. Thanks Ferdie! Updated.
Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks, bookmarked
AzmiJ Premium
Thanks for the info
edtay78 Premium
You are welcome.