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I've been in the make money industry since the early 90s. But I was never able to make a full time living with it until about 2008.

Around that time is when I did the math. I was finally making more money part time running my affiliate marketing business than I was full time in Corporate America. So I made the choice to leave.

For 5 years I was a stay at home dad that was able to raise my kids and annoy my wife all the time. That's because she no longer had to work as well. All of this is a direct result of my affiliate marketing business and a lot of help from the big guy above.

Most of the time you can find me chilling at my blog: WorkAtHomeNoScams.com helping people make money from home and responding to their comments. Yes, there are other ways to make money online and I teach folks about them while making them laugh in the process. I also recently started another blog MoreRealReviews.com which is on track to be another great source of income for me. You can never have too many sources of income folks.

That said, I've taken the SEO skills I've learned here in WA and have used them for consulting opportunities and I work as a Director of SEO strategy for a fortune 100 company. So needless to say what the little money I invested to become a premium member of WA has paid for itself many times over in the money I've made on my own blogs and working for other companies. These multiple streams of income have helped me earn in the high six figures every year.

All and all I'm just a regular dude that has been very blessed because I have a positive mindset, positive folks around me, and more importantly I take action. I wasn't born knowing any of this stuff. I learned it by following what WA teaches and taking action until I succeeded.

I do want to end by saying this. You can achieve anything if you have the right mindset, take action and don't give up on yourself. You need a lot of patience as well to see success. But it is totally possible for anyone willing to learn and put in the work. I'm a perfect example of this. My final words to you is don't be afraid to fail forward. You never really fail if you don't give up!

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LindseyRex Premium
Hey man!! I just got onboard with this website and I must say, I am already impressed!! For about a year, I have noticed others who have been successful in affiliate marketing, but had NO idea how to even get started and after waqtching confusing YouTube videos that basically tell you nothing, I got a bit frustrated. I just want to tell you that I think it's very cool you are doing this and I am really excited to get started. I am a big believer in God and I have been crying out to Him for a way to get out of debt, make my kids really proud, have the life I've always dreamed of, AND be able to give back into the world! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you!!!
EddySalomon Premium
You're very welcome Lindsey. I'm happy I could bring you here. I'm sure once you go through the training things will become clearer for you: This business has led to a lot of great things for many of us. I'm sure it can for you as well.
Hi Eddy with a "y". Thank you for this. I have just started in affiliate marketing. In South Africa and feeling overwhelmed by all the info out there. We are currently with another AM team so hoping to get momentum. We are wanting to create income of $3k to match our SA salaries. I am working for a 3 month goal. Can you help me, please? Thanks, Ursula
EddySalomon Premium
Hi Ursula,

You're welcome. Well the first thing you need to do is follow the training here: Mastering this business and making money with it in 3 months is not feasible. This is a long term business and not a get rich quick scheme. 6 months to a year is more realistic assuming you follow the training and apply it properly.

Sorry if you were expecting this to be fast money. It definitely isn't. But for the people that are willing to invest the time, work and money it does pay off later.
Hi. Thanks. Definitely will learn the basics properly.

EddySalomon Premium
Yes that's the best thing to do. Follow the training.
Alexandros42 Premium
Hello reporting back for next training , how have you been? Wanted to ask before I buy the domain I have checked most affiliate programs like Amazon and eBay and was let down cause there only locations are not available to my counrty they are only available to European country's and America , are they other affiliates programs that sell phones my niche I choose is apple iPhone wanted sell them. Most of the affiliate programs for phones work with the software and maintenance.
EddySalomon Premium
Hi Alexandros,

Feel free to private message me directly by clicking the little envelope in the upper right hand corner of the screen to ask me questions and discuss your situation. Thanks
Hey Eddy,
The only question I have right now about affiliate marketing is when it comes to selecting products on amazon to link to your website, are there only certain products that are profitable or am I able to choose ANY product regardless of the seller, the products popularity, etc.
For my example, I love longboarding. There is a lot to know about the sport as far as all the different gear and styles of riding. There is this website called "longboardexpert dot com" and the info given in this website is far from expert knowledge. This website was only started for the purpose of making a profit by someone that seems to know little to nothing on the topic. They only linked the more popular, but low quality amazon boards. Now my question is, if I were to do something similar to what this "longboard expert" website did, but link the products from amazon that I know are of higher quality and from more respectable brands, will I still be able to make money off this? It just seems that everyone is always using affiliate marketing links for the same longboarding gear and I am wondering if that is because these are the only ones that offer income. Or do they just offer a higher percentage of the sale?
EddySalomon Premium
Hey Joel,

Feel free to leave me your question on your profile here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jevillanueva

Just reply to any of the messages I left you there and we can discuss anything about your site and business there. That's the best way to communicate with me about anything related to you.

kmer6 Premium
Good day to you, Eddy, my name is Ken and I just happened to read your message on another members profile page. I'd love for you to be my mentor, and possibly give me some pointers. I have been a member since 2014 and still learning. Have a great successful day.
EddySalomon Premium
Hey Ken,

Most of my advice is found on my blogs here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/eddysalomon/blog/

So I would recommend reading my content here on WA and you'll learn a lot.

That said I answer member questions as I have time. However I don't have the time to be your dedicated mentor since I have my own referrals I have to help and running my sites. But you should be reaching out to the person that referred you here. They obviously know what they are doing since they brought you to this community. So I would recommend reaching out to them for mentoring. Thanks.