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It's another Monday! For a lot of people, Monday might as well be a curse word! People tend to curse that they have to wake up and go to a job they hate or would rather be home working on their online business. Obviously we can all relate. But here's the thing, when you start off your week in a negative mindset it closes the doors for opportunity or favor in the areas that you do love and want. So you need to shift that mindset right off the bat! Don't focus on the fact that you hate Mondays or
I've seen quite a few times where starter members love WA but claim they can't afford to upgrade because of financial issues. I get it, times are tough! Then there are some of you that feel Wealthy Affiliate is too expensive. If that's you, read this article here for clarification on the premium membership fee. But for everyone else that sees the value of WA and needs help with upgrading, here are some ways to get the money to upgrade: 1. Watch Some YouTube VideosSo obviously the best way to
July 15, 2013
I noticed that many of us fail to see results or success because of our fears. Fears are fine as long as you don't let them cripple you. With that in mind, check out this quote which should help put everything in perspective. Business is exactly like learning to walk. So go out there and fall a couple of times. But keep getting up until you're able to walk, then run and then jump! But don't stop because you're afraid or you fell a few times! Hope this makes sense and inspires you. Let me know
If you remember this, eventually you'll find success. Don't be so rigid that you don't adjust. Failure is just a result. It may not be the result you want but at least you took action and learned what not to do. Now it's a matter of taking that lesson and learning what to do. Hope this helps and makes sense.
When I first got started on Facebook it was purely for marketing purposes. Everyone said you need to get on so I did. I was resistent because I hated the idea of moving people away from my existing social network, my damn BLOG! But I figured if everyone keeps yapping about it, I should check it out. So initially my interest was purely business. I created a fanpage and started just pushing work from home job leads and a few other legitimate opportunities. That's my niche and pretty much what
A lot of times I read about new affiliates that want to give up because they have had some set backs or failures. Little do they know that they're actually on the right track. Say What? Yes you read that correctly. Failing is a necessary evil to succeed!  Some of the most successful people are "serial failures". Don't believe me? Let me give you an example of one of the biggest failures and you probably see his products every day.  The Ford Motor company was started by a mult
As someone that has been in this industry for a number of years, I know failure all too well.  In fact me and failure were on a first name basis at one time. Although nowadays I try to keep my distance from that dude. He's a bad influence. However i learned something very important during my time with failure that I want to share with you today as an aspiring successful internet marketer. Your number 1 priority as an affiliate is to provide solid solutions to solve people's problem. No it's