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October 16, 2013
When you were growing up, chances are you heard that phrase or variations of it many times. If you haven't, you were probably a really well mannered kid or had parents that were very laid back. Lucky you! Watch your mouth was basically a warning that you had been "talking greasy" aka being disrespectful. When you heard that phrase, you knew it was probably best to shut the hell up or rephrase your comment quickly. Otherwise you were going to face the wrath of the person you offended. W
One of the reasons I loved starting a business online was it meant I could be totally anonymous and didn't have to talk to people face to face. If you've read my blog you would think I'm a social butterfly. But I'm actually more of a hermit and I'd prefer to be by myself most of the time. LOL So I really struggled with the decision of adding my picture right on the front of my blog rather than burying it in the about us page as many people do. Scaredy Cat So what w
October 01, 2013
Don't get offended... You'll see where I'm going with this shortly. But let me give you the background story. Recently one of my consulting clients was asking my feedback about some possible website designs. Most of the websites he selected were very busy and used Flash. I advised him to keep it simple and definitely stay away from Flash heavy websites or anything else distracting. See why here... Time Wasted... Too often when people get started in this industry they spend too much time t
September 16, 2013
One of the major struggles folks have when they venture into this business is finding the right niche. WA gives you some great guidance on this subject and even offers you a complete niche which is to promote WA. However I don't necessarily think the latter option is right for everyone. Here's some advice about selecting a niche. 1. Niches can be like dirty underwear. More than likely you'll probably change your niche a few times before finding the right one. Hopefully you're not cha
It always amazes me when people ask me that question or the variations listed below:How long did it take you to be successful? When did you earn your first sale? How many hours do you spend and how much do you make? If I put in x hours per day, how much can I make or when can I expect to be successful? Depending on where you are in your business, you've either asked these same questions or have heard variations of them. Time for some tough love. Here's the thing, none of these questions
Initially I'm sure your response is "Not A Damn Thing!". But there are a few things you can actually learn from Miley's failed attempt at "twerking" if you can have an open mind. 1. Just Because Everyone Else is Doing it... Like "twerking", just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you need to or should. Here's the thing, "twerking" wasn't mainstream and Miley didn't invent it folks. Honestly it was something limited to strippers. Occasionally normal girls would just mess around and
In the internet marketing world, copying another author's article is a big no no! From an SEO point of view we've been taught that Google doesn't like it and you can even be penalized for doing it. Well screw Google and the high horse they ride on! In life copying someone else is actually a great way to get ahead! Let me explain how copying in other facets of life is a good thing. (You still shouldn't do it for content. That's still bad. LOL)Be Robin Hood! If there are people that are already
August 01, 2013
I know what you're thinking WA members aren't quitters and ain't about that quitting life! But you know what? Sometimes you do need to quit...temporarily. I'm not talking about months here. It can be as little as few minutes, hours or a few days. I would never suggest giving up on yourself or your dreams.Time out! But have you ever been knee deep in some marketing activity like writing an article or working on your site and things just aren't flowing? Guess what? That's your body and mind tel
So it's another Monday Morning & either you're annoyed that we still haven't deleted this "damn" day from our calendars or you're excited about the possibility of the week. I would love to believe because you're a member of WA it's the latter. But I imagine even my fellow WA members need some motivation. So with that said, here's a little quote to help you get through the day, week and hopefully many years to come in your business. It's a simple quote but very powerful! Farmers know and li
It all depends on the advice, the source and situation. When was the last time you used your microwave oven as a GPS device to find directions to a restaurant? Hopefully never. A microwave was built to cook food but damn sure wasn't built to lead you to it! It Just Doesn't Add Up! But yet, many of us will seek the advice from family members, friends and co-workers who've never been where we want to go! Now really let that marinate in your mind. Don't get offended by it. We all love our fami