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February 10, 2014
No I'm not talking about your fashion sense or lack there of. I'm referring to your content and how it's laid out. I tend to babble off at the mouth when I write and it can get pretty lengthy! So to accommodate this verbal diarrhea, I've learned to break up my content into manageable and enticing chunks. Let me walk you through how I do it! Yummy Bite Size Goodness. I'm pretty certain when you sit down to a meal, you don't try to shove the whole plate down your throat. If you're like
February 04, 2014
You've probably heard this question before or have thought it yourself. There is another variations which is: "Oh I'll see if this is going to work" or "I want to see if this works for me". Sigh... Time to get really real. And if you've read my articles in the past, you know it's about to go down. So let me apologize beforehand for anyone that is about to get offended or get their boxers in a bunch. But it's time. Where is all this doubt coming from? Unfortunately the make money or intern
I know it's very common in this industry to have fake personas especially if you're promoting something shady. You don't want people to really know who you are, so you might make up a name or even use fake pictures. Some people do this because they know if folks run into them they may be welcomed with a punch to the face. I'm sure when some of you first came to WA you thought the same thing about Kyle & Carson. You might be reading this now and still think these guys are fake. Well I got
You're probably thinking Eddy is on that stuff & of course my blog isn't a coloring book. Duh! Well I wouldn't be so sure of that. I've reviewed quite a few WA member websites and some of you are acting like toddlers at a restaurant, that just got some crayons and a paper menu used to shut them up. LOL Because you've learned how to use the WYSIWYG editor in wordpress, now you think it's an open invitation to use every color, style and alignment option of that editor. Please stop the madne
Recently I was talking to a fellow member about their blog. The conversation was sparked because of my last blog post: Why is my blog being ignored? She wanted my opinion on how to improve her writing. I shared my thoughts and after giving her some feedback on her website, she said something very interesting. She stated, she assumed "people would take action on her product on their own". Here's the thing, the link to her product was in her menu and that's it. I damn near missed it & onl
It's that time again folks. Time for some real talk. You may want to stop reading this if you're sensitive. I'll wait... For everyone else that wants to improve, let's dive into it! I hate to say it but a lot of the blogs I'm reading out here could be sold as a cure for insomnia. If that was your niche, many of you would be rich already. LOL Unfortunately that's not the case. Look, I'm not trying to be mean. But too many of you are blindly following the format provided here at WA and aren't
I'm going into the new year with a great attitude and want to share some of the things I'll be doing! 1. Get Balanced. When you're doing something you love like working on your budding IM career it's easy to become consumed by it that you forget that the one of the reasons you jumped into this industry is to give yourself more freedom. So be sure you're balancing out the work you do in your business with other important things in your life like family, health, spirituality, etc. Without bal
December 23, 2013
When I first got into this industry, my biggest challenge was writing articles. It took me a while to accept that the fact that I didn't need to major in English and have perfect grammar and spelling to succeed. Eventually I got over that. To my surprise my fears were unfounded because most people really just enjoyed the information and value I was providing. In fact, most people were able to look pass my grammar and spelling imperfections. As a result of this experience, my confidence was bu
So one of the first things many marketers do when they're creating a website is buying a domain name ( And it's definitely the right thing to do. The biggest reason is credibility! Imagine if Amazon's website url was Chances are you wouldn't take them as seriously. Afterall if a company isn't willing to spend a few bucks to get a real professional domain name (.com), where else are they cutting corners? So getting a domain is a great idea
For any of you that use email list management providers such as Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact to deliver emails to your list or visitors, you should be very happy today. Most of these companies use tiny invisible image pixels placed in your emails to track your email open rate. In the past these images would be automatically blocked by Gmail which a large number of people use. But with today's announcement these images will show by default in the emails. Why Should You Care? Better Ope