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As we get rolling in 2019. I wanted to get everyone inspired into the New Year by sharing my little success story. This post isn't about bragging. I'm writing this article so it gives people hope that all the work you're putting now will eventually pay off if you don't give up. Before we get into the bigger numbers. I want to start by discussing my smaller success with a new site since this will probably resonate with many of the newbies.

Like A Virgin...

In 2017, I decided to start a totally new site that had nothing to do with WA or making money online. To be honest, I was a little burned out with the make money niche and I wanted to be able to expand. I also wanted to prove to myself I could do it again in a new niche. So I started creating content for my new site. Things were plugging away but I was not seeing the results I was so accustomed to experiencing with my make money site.

All of a sudden many of the fears and doubts I had when I was new in this industry came flooding back. I felt nervous like this was my first time. Needless to say it was weird to have these feelings again. Because I already had a successful site making money which was a direct result of applying what WA teaches. So why should this new site be any different?

But despite this fact, I started to question if I was just lucky with my main site. Maybe all the haters were right when they claimed that only people promoting WA or the make money niche were making money. To make matters worst, I lost my writer who was responsible for the content on this new site. So I had to leave it alone for a few months when it was just starting to get some momentum. But in early 2018, I decided to find a new writer and get back on the saddle by adding new content again. I wasn't seeing amazing results but I saw some minimal progress. Most of my pages were ranking on the second page of Google which is basically no mans land. But it was better than nothing.

However, I was still skeptical and scared. So I reached out to some experienced members here on WA. They provided their insight and encouragement. I was looking for a magic bullet. But there wasn't any and I should of known better. So I kept plugging away following the WA principles and what I've preached to everyone in my cheat sheet.


Finally, in the fall of 2018 the hard work finally started to manifest. Many of my pages were now ranking in the first page of Google. I was finally seeing traffic and the pages started to make me some money.

Now that I knew I was getting some traffic. I went back to the articles that were ranking and added more ways to monetize my pages. Because I knew there are more ways to make money on your site outside of selling things. I made sure to include all the various methods on this new site. You can read about these various monetization strategies in my post:

Back At 5 Figures: I Earned $10,640,56 in August

The New Site Results

So a couple of things should be noted here. On paper, this may not seem like a lot of money made in 2018 for this new site. But keep in mind I said that the pages started to rank in the fall of 2018. So the reality is this income only represents a few later months in the year when the traffic and income picked up. Monetization strategies like the display ads were added to this new site in the middle of October. So imagine if I experienced high ranking at the start of 2018 and had all my monetization options in place then as well. The total gross income would be significantly greater.

And this is why I expect that in 2019 I should be able to double or triple 2018's gross income for this site. But the take away was that WA still works! It wasn't limited to sites promoting WA. My new site has nothing to do with making money. It's all about helping people shop safely. I'm following the same things I do with my make money site but covering a different topic and niche.

I had to be reminded that Google won't reward your site with traffic for months down the line. They want to see if I'm a fly by marketer or if I'm in it for the long haul. Most people would stop writing content after a few months after not seeing any results. I kept pumping away optimized content consistently week after week. And eventually Google decided I was the real deal. Articles I wrote in 2017 and early 2018 finally started ranking well in the fall of 2018. So there was a forced delayed gratification.

If I would have just written a few articles, stopped and waited Google may have decided we won't be ranking this site. But I pushed through the pain even though my self doubts wanted me to call it quits.

Where's the $100k?

So you're probably wondering where is the six figures I alluded to in the title of this article? Clearly the new site hadn't produced most of that. Well as I mentioned earlier I have my main site which is where most of my money is currently made at the moment. I expect my new site will eventually take over most of the income or match it. But I digress.

The results for the money site are as follows:

Most of the 6 figures came from here. The key take away is that the majority of the earnings from this site and the new site are from monetization strategies that don't require sales to be made. It came from display ads and CPA offers I promoted on my sites. If you want to understand how that works, I've already explained them in great detail here. (So read that if you have questions.) Ultimately what you need to understand is a site can make money without selling anything.

Obviously if you're smart you want to cover all monetization strategies which include sales as well. But you don't always have to convince people to buy something to make money from your blogs. The numbers above prove that.

Half-Ass Job

The other major take away for you is that, I run my websites part-time. Let that marinate in your mind. I was able to earn over 6 figures last year part-time. I had to "half-ass" it because I have a full time job and a family. So I had to learn how to maximize my time out of necessity. That basically involves re-investing some money earned from my sites and job into content development.

Fortunately there are tons of writers out there who will gladly write articles for you. Some are already trained in the WA ways. But others I had to train myself using videos and other documentation I created.

It takes time to train people and find the right folks. You'll get frustrated and go through some bad apples. It's easy to give up and just say I'll do this myself. However, in my case, I knew that wasn't much of an option. So I had to be patient and keep pushing until I found some good people. Now these folks do the heavy lifting of writing the content for my sites. I just edit, tweak and post.

Leveling Up!

The great thing about outsourcing some of your business work like writing content, is the process is scalable. As one person you only have so much time in the day to write articles and do the things you need to do in your normal life. But when you have writers you can hire, they can write for any new niche sites you may want to start. You're no longer limited to what you're physically capable of doing. This allows for you to scale up your income. I plan to do this in 2019 by having writers work on additional niche sites I have or want to start. I'll just keep taking a portion of the income I earn from one site and use it to fund the content development of another site. It's a long term investment. I don't worry about being profitable because the money is coming from sites that are already profitable. And if I continue to apply what WA teaches, the new sites will eventually be able to pay for themselves. Furthermore they will turn a profit. Ultimately I.m working smarter not harder.

Wrapping It Up

So after looking at the numbers, 2018 was a great year for my business. It re-affirmed to me that WA still works regardless of the niche. It also helped me sympathize with new bloggers more. I really forgot how real the struggle is when you start a new site. And it's tougher if you don't have another source of income or if you've never experienced success in this venture.

And that's why it was important for me to write this article. I think there are many of you out there fighting the good fight. You're feeling hopeless and have tons of doubts if you should push forward. But as you can see, this can pay off even when you start fresh like I did. And you're also seeing where this can eventually lead you if you keep plugging away like I have with my main site.

This business really has to be treated like a farm. You have to put in the work now to harvest the results which may come months or even a year later. You have to shake off the self doubts and some advice from people who have never been where you want to go!

When you start to feel down, read the success stories of others! It will remind you that if they can do it, you can too. Because everyone that is successful in this business started where you are. The only difference between people who are successful and those who are not is that successful people continue to try when others call it quits. They have the same fears you do but they don't let their fears control them.

What's Next?

Well if you've been reading this article carefully, you'll notice I've strategically linked to many resources that will can help you achieve the same success I did in 2018. My advice to you is to go and click on these links and read through them. I'm confident you'll have many "aha" moments and actionable steps you can take to help you achieve your goals in 2019 and beyond.

Hopefully this article has inspired you and given you some things to think about. Let me know if you found it helpful or not. Feel free to share it with others. We all need some inspiration from time to time. Again this article isn't about me. It's about you and your potential. You can do it!

Until Next Time,

Eddy with a y

P.S. If you enjoyed this article, you'll probably like my other blogs here at WA.

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Thank you for this Eddy, it's very inspiring. Things are a bit of a struggle for me right now and I've pretty much just the will or got burned out on one of my websites and just have pretty much stopped work on it altogether, but I'm now devoting all of my focus to my second website where I actually feel invigorated and I'm going through the Affiliate Bootcamp right now since I can promote WA on my second website. I really want this one to be successful and I'm going full steam ahead on it. I just want to stay consistent so that way I can eventually reach the goals and success that you and others have enjoyed here.

You're welcome Brian. I totally understand about getting burned out. I felt that way about my make money site. But that's why I started another site so I had something new to work on. I still kept working on my first site because so much time was invested there and it makes money. But at least I have other sites to break up the monotony.

Fantastic blog as always Eddy. I could be your #1 fan :)

I also work full-time, in my lunch break now actually, so I am looking forward to the day when one site makes enough for me to hire a writer for the other or both.

In the meantime, I just need to work it baby!

Thanks for a great motivational blog, and I'll be sure to click all the links above although I am pretty sure I've read most of them by now.

Awww thanks Heidi. Trust me that day will come. And it's a wonderful feeling. But right now just grind as you have the time. You'll see results soon enough.

Thx I did have an “aha” moment reading was when you talked about outsourcing work as u did with the writers that’s what had me stuck last year trying to write content and I gave up for awhile but I will look at all your links thx again

I'm glad to hear that Jaudon. Outsourcing the writing was definitely a game changer for me. Because I was burned out from writing. It was tough giving it up because I knew no one was going to write the way I write. But I realized it was more important to get the quality content out there regularly even if it wasn't exactly the way I would have written it.

Finding good writers that you can train to do this correctly does take a lot of time. But in the long run it's worth it.

Congrats Eddy on the very successful year! It's amazing to see that even a veteran like yourself can still feel the anxiety of starting a new site. I'm currently working on my second site which is MMO. I'm super excited to see where it goes, and you've provided a lot of motivation to help me push on. Thanks!


Thanks Ralph. I thought it was very important to share the self doubts I had as vet in this business. Because we all go through it even when our experience should tell us that it's going to be okay. But it's totally normal. However the key is to shake it off and still push forward.

Hey Eddy, I really enjoyed this blog. It was for me, motivational and realistic at the same time. Thank you for sharing. I plan to follow the links that you have provided so abundantly here and add to my knowledge. Thanks again and all the best for the new year. Making money without sell is also of special interest to me, not that I don't plan to sell.

I'm glad to hear that Russell. I'm sure as you read the links you're going to learn a ton.

I'll let you know how it goes Eddy.

Sounds good.

Hi Eddy,
Congratulations! I was actually introduced to WA from your main site maybe 6 years ago. It did not work out for me probably because I felt confused. I learned a lot and was over whelmed.

Well, I’m back! Hoping to grow my business. I would like to thank you for your inspiration and help!

Thanks for all you do

Hey Maricia,

Welcome back home. Sometimes people need to walk away and then come back to make this work. Clearly you saw the value and you're back at it. Hopefully things are more clear for you. But regardless you may want to read my cheat sheet here:

Thanks a lot! Great information.

No problem Maricia

Eddy, congratulations on your amazing successes and thank you for sharing.

It's very inspiring to read your story. Also, lovely to know you understand the rest (of us) who are on the brink of making it....but still have to wait it out a while longer...(and, of course, not give up).

Best of luck with your business in 2019!


You're welcome Alenka. Yeah I have a better appreciation for the newbie struggle going through it again recently. Hopefully this article helps folks push through.

Wow, Eddy, this is a very inspirational post. I am amazed that everytime members begin posts of this nature, they start by saying they don't intend to brag. Left to me, anyone may brag as much as they like but it is such posts that keep me going. It gives me hope that I am not wasting my time and resources and that one day my labor would yield fruits.
It is heartening to know that even successful members like you passed through this phase that I am presently passing through.
This is very encouraging. I will not give way to the temptation to give up.
Thanks, and wishing you more successes

You're welcome Regina. I know that so many new members are going through these doubts. So I felt it was important to mention I went through it as well and what the eventual outcome was. Because we all need that inspiration to push through when you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it sounds like this article will help you see the light.

Hi Eddy - very inspirational and I will be working my way through your other blogs. As a professional freelance web writer I was interested to learn that you felt it necessary to edit and tweak the content provided by your writers. Isn't that double handling and therefore not cost effective? Just curious!

Thanks Diane. The reality is most writers aren't trained for affilite marketing and SEO. They can write. But I need to edit it so it can convert and it sounds like me.

Fantastic article Eddy. Just what I needed to motivate me as I get serious about 2019. Congratulations on your success although not surprising given the work you've put in and the smart approach you've taken.

Thanks Mike. I appreciate the kind words. Here's to your success in 2019 and beyond.

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