I Made Over $1 Million With Affiliate Marketing.

Last Update: September 26, 2021

Look, I know what you're thinking, here comes the guru hype B.S. But if you've read my blogs here at Wealthy Affiliate or followed me on my sites, you know I'm a straight shooter. I'm not really the bragging type. I like to stay incog"negro". LOL I just do my thing in the background and keep it moving. I don't need or like the attention.

But recently I started a YouTube Channel to help diversify my traffic and income. And one of the topics I wanted to cover was affiliate marketing. Most of the time I cover various other ways to make money online with my videos. But I always encourage my loyal YouTube subscribers to try Wealthy Affiliate since it's helped me earn a full time income online. If you haven't gone premium yet, you may change your mind after reading this article.

Oh Snap!

In any event, I started compiling some screenshots of my affiliate income to use in my Affiliate Marketing 101 video. Showing off my income is not normally my thing, but people want proof that you know what you're talking about. So I decided to start going through my past affiliate income. And I was floored to discover that I had earned over $1 million dollars with Google Adsense over the course of a decade. Think about that, that was just 1 company! I am an affiliate of many more companies. Unfortunately I haven't reached that number with others. But I have made hundreds of thousands with others.

But let's get back to my point. I made over a million dollars with affiliate marketing and more importantly I didn't have to sell anything. Let that marinate in your mind. And if you're wondering how I did it, just read my Back At 5 Figures: I Earned $10,640,56 article, you'll discover that I use various affiliate marketing programs to earn money. Many affiliate programs don't require you to make sales to earn money. But as you'll read in the article, I like to have multiple streams of income from my site.

Who Cares?

So you may be thinking, well that's all good for you Mr "Eddy with a y". Well first of all, don't be a hater, be a congratulator. LOL I'm sharing this with you so you understand the potential you have with this business. It's unlimited. The training you are getting here at Wealthy affiliate can lead to a $1 million dollar business. Now keep in mind this didn't happen overnight for me. That one accomplishment happened over the course of a decade. But regardless, it all started with a few cents and then went on to thousands.

With this business you have to appreciate the small wins and be patient. When I made a few cents with Google I was excited. Because it proved to me that affiliate marketing works. But most of my friends and family were like what's the big deal? They didn't see beyond the now. I did. I knew that it was a start and could be scaled up.

Eventually my dumb ass invested in training from sites like Wealthy Affiliate and it's helped me continue to build on that income. I've learned new things and more importantly I've built friendships and relationships with some awesome Wealthy Affiliate members.

If I never invested in my self with a premium membership, I would have never met some of these people and I would have probably missed out on thousands of dollars that they helped me earn because of the information they shared with me like I'm doing here with you.

Your Take Aways

I added this section because DaveSw did a great job of capturing the lessons of this article.

  1. Hard work is required.

  2. Tenacity is required.

  3. Mindset makes ALL the difference.

  4. This is a marathon-style of business, not a wind sprint (short burst of running as fast as you can).

  5. Don't put all your eggs in one basket (diversification of content type, diversification of platforms, and diversification of traffic sources must be constantly worked as hard as content).

  6. Sometimes it is better NOT to obsess with what is NOT working and RATHER put the focus on FINDING NEW WAYS TO GET THINGS WORKING (i.e. repeatedly doing what is NOT working and expecting results makes no sense - duh?).

  7. Use various sources when promoting services or products. You never know what people want or may need.

  8. Walls are everywhere, and the job is to jump over them, run around them, dig under them, or break right through them. Our choice, just do it.

  9. Affiliate marketing is a viable business model more than ever and all we have to do is figure out how to match buyers with the products they want or need using a medium that they know and use regularly (i.e. YouTube).

  10. Adapt or perish holds true in this business (as with most) - you either pay attention to what is happening in the industry and make changes to your approach or you keep doing what you have been doing (that worked 10 years ago) and go broke - your choice.

What's Next?

No matter where you are in your affiliate marketing business, don't give up. Lately a lot of us in this business have suffered with stupid Google algorithm updates that have been hurting good sites. Even I have been a victim.

But that's part of doing business, you're going to run into obstacles. You can bitch and moan about it. Or you can push forward and adjust. And sometimes you need to be inspired to keep your eyes on the prize which is why I'm writing this article.

I want you to be reminded of your potential with this business. We all need to be lifted sometimes. I've learned not to let the ups and downs of my business affect me as much.

Sometimes that means I don't look at my stats to have piece of mind. And other times it means taking a new direction. I've done both. I spend a lot more of my effort on YouTube now because of the success and advice of other successful Wealthy Affiliate members here. (Shout to BenjisDad, LittleMama, VitaliyG and Roppert) And it's been paying off. It gives me new traffic and now a new source of passive income.

At the end of the day, there is a lot of potential with your business. But you have to be patient and put in the work. Because if you do, you may be writing about how you made over a million dollars and inspiring others!

Well that's enough of motivational crap for today. LOL Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment down below. Are you inspired to push harder now! Did this article come at the right time for you?

Holler at your boy!

Eddy with a y

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chivs86 Premium
Wow, really 1 Million from Adsense? I thought most people just used as a gateway till they can either get approved for mediavine or Ezoic. Anyhow, Adsense has definitely been picking up for me recently. Hopefully, another 8 years I can make a million also - how many websites was this through?
EddySalomon Premium
Don’t get me wrong. I did move on to mediavine which pays better. But during the hay day of Adsense they paid well and were the only real option. The point of the article was to illustrate what is possible with affiliate marketing if you stick with it for years. It’s not really about Adsense per se.
Andre2030 Premium
Hi Eddy, you seem to be a funny guy. I am not here to hate, to appreciate like you said. I am new the information here is overwhelming . I am almost 7 months into the program and I'm still not promoting a thing. My links are not noticeable! I don't know what to do to make them noticeable? Do you think that you can help me? If you think so, thank you in advance .
EddySalomon Premium
Hey Gabrielle,

I'm glad you appreciate my humor.

Check this article out: And You may want to read my cheat sheet:
Ralph30 Premium
I just built a new website on here but when i type in my domain name i see nothing but HELLO WORLD September 17th,2020 Welcome to Wordpress.This is your first post .Edit or delete it, then start writing!
I don't see the theme image that i chose while building the website.Where or what am i doing wrong?
TheAbie Premium Plus
You are not doing anything wrong.

That's the default on every new website, however you can go to posts back office and change it.

To change your theme, you can go Appearance -> Themes and see what theme you have or Add new to find something else, Click install and activate.
Ralph30 Premium
Hey Abie..thanks for that.So since my new website is newly built i can go immediately into writing my posts?
Lex666 Premium
Make sure to hit update
Gannable Premium Plus
any advice on when to pull the plug on a blog....in other words I started a blog last July. And it doesn't get any traffic. Maybe 8 views a month.
I'm aware of a few reasons.

But, if you have a flawed blog with no traffic, is it best to move onto a new idea.
EddySalomon Premium

If you know what the issues are, then you should try to fix them. A blog that is about a year old will rank faster than starting a new blog. But that's assuming you still have an interest in the topic and you don't make some really bad mistakes that will make this blog not salvageable.
YumaBloggers Premium
Just to add some perspective, to make a million in 10 years is an average of just $2,000 a week in earnings. If you get the traffic this sum may seem easy. Getting the traffic is as simple as mastering your niche markets and finding the right people to help you scale up. Great work Eddy with a Y and here is to your next Million Dollars.
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks Andy