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Last Update: August 16, 2019

The entrepreneur lifestyle can be a lonely place... but only if you don't belong to a mastermind.

I can tell you that my experience has proven that a mastermind is the nucleus of your success, period.

If you're going to accomplish your goals and create your big ideas then a mastermind is the external source of energy to help you do it.

I remember my first mastermind back in 2015, it was only 3 of us and we kept meeting once a week. After 3 or 4 months there was a breakthrough in one of the member's business. So after that I had a breakthough too. It was an online sale for over $7,000 dollars. This mastermind lasted about 7 months.

Fast forward to my current mastermind that started 2 years ago. It's only 3 members and we've been through some rough times together. Now 3 months ago one of the members started to get paid for his online course and just this month alone he earned over $3,700 and it's only getting better. Of course the other member and myself have partner in a business that brought us over $3,000 this month alone and growing.

Do you see what's happening here?

It's the mastermind!

I don't want to convince you with my stories of what a mastermind has done in my business life. If you're curious about it and want to experience awesome results like my, then you're in luck because the power of a mastermind is available to everyone.

Here's what you do next.

  1. Read chapter 10 of "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. This will help you be clear of what a mastermind should be.
  2. Join a mastermind group but only if it fits the description of chapter 10.
  3. If you can't find one then create your own mastermind group.

Now is your turn.

What do you think about a mastermind?

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McWord Premium
What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

EddieSand Premium
You're welcome Mitch.