Starting At The End

Last Update: June 24, 2019

Most likely you've heard to start at the beginning.

But as online entrepreneurs we must do things a bit different.

Start At The End

This is also known as Reverse Engineer.

Looking at the end result of your vision and reverse the process of how you will accomplish it all the way back to the start up point.

The Problem

This requires having a clear mental picture on paper. A road map that's clear to understand with a simple process to follow.

Sometimes this is difficult for a new online entrepreneur to do.

So here are 2 things that will help you with the process:

#1 - Study your competitors and imagine your business doing it better. This is part of your market research but it will also give you clarity about where you're going with your online business.

#2 - Chunk it down. This is the way to stay focus on your business plan and measure your progress. Write down bit size pieces that you can achieve with your talent and resources.

For example... every online business requires one thing -- Sales.

But sales is too general, so you need a specific number of sales to maintain your business and to earn a profit.

Another piece is to know how many leads will it take to make a sale. Yet another piece is to understand how much web traffic your website requires to get leads.

So we went from Sales --> Leads --> Traffic.

Each one is a bit size piece to achieve. And Traffic will be the #1 most important part to do before you can move on to the next step in your plan.

Okay, there you have it.

Study your competitors and reverse engineer the process to reach your ultimate goals for your online business.

So, what’s stopping your progress?

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Thanks Eddie
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Thanks for sharing x
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You present an old proven practice for smart businesses.
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that's for certain. We cannot go wrong with the fundamentals that work all the time. Thanks for your comment.