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I am going to make a bold statement...You only need 3 books to succeed in 2019Okay, now that I have your attention. Here's the scoop on these books...Looking back at 2018, I've noticed always going back to 3 books and it seems that I've always gone back to them every year before that too.I recommend these books to everyone in my team and my mentors always recommend these to their team. These books have increase my results 413% just in 2018 alone.So, here they are and I hope you take advantage o
December 17, 2018
The Race Never StopsSo you might want to get ahead of the race right now. Don't wait for the new years crap about resolutions and oh poor me I didn't do anything last year but this year I will... that's crapy mindset. Look, I've learned that you will beat most people by just getting started. Take actions that equals getting ahead of everyone else in this race. Most people right now are focused on what party to attend and what gifts to give. Not me! No way... and that's not being a grinch about
The Biggest Obstacle in Our Path is FEARFear of failure.Fear of what others might think. Fear of not being enough. Fear of not knowing enough.Fear of regret.This is a limiting belief that’s part of life but with the right mindset you will overcome it. But it takes work! Consistent, planned and laser focus work to create the right mindset and overcome any obstacle in your path.5 Lessons To Overcome FearOut of all my mistakes and failures, I learned 5 things to overcome fear. Let me share t
December 11, 2018
Timing is EverythingThree years ago I was here, I was here looking to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate program. Things were not ready in my life and I believe time had to show me the most valuable lesson in life.It's not about meI made the decision to go all in to reach my goals. As soon as I made that heart felt choice, that's when opportunities showed up in my path. To Help Others reach their goals.It took me by surprise but I knew it wasn't a coincidence. It was all timing and preparation to